Located in the Fuller Arch in the heart of the Long Walk, the Wall of Honor celebrates lifetimes of philanthropy.

Etched into the Wall are the names of those alumni, parents, friends, and organizations who have had institution-building impact at the College.

Their names are once again listed here.

Inaugural Inductees

1823 to 1999
Ceremony June 10, 2000
Aetna Foundation
The George F. Baker Trust
Frances W. & James E. Bent
Helen Linsley Blake & George
Thomas Linsley
Francis Boyer
Elsie B. & Newton C. Brainard
Lyman B. Brainerd
Karl F. Brown
Kathryn & Martin M. Coletta
Charles W. Cooke
CTG Resources, Inc. & The Connecticut
Energy Foundation
The Charles A. Dana Foundation
Kathryn E. W. & Shelby Cullom Davis
Evelyn S. & Rodney D. Day III
Patricia P. & Jason M. Elsas, Jr.
Ostrom & Alice Enders
Walter M. Farrow
Charlotte & George M. Ferris
Ford Foundation
George H. Gilman, Jr.
Genevieve H. & James L. Goodwin
James J. Goodwin
Phyllis S. & Leonard E. Greenberg
Margaret M. & Karl W. Hallden
Albert Church Hamlin
Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
George E. Hoadley
Maria P. & George A. Jarvis
Thomas S. & Margaret Ann Johnson
Alicia L. & Raymond E. Joslin
Martha & George Kellner
W. K. Kellogg Foundation
Leonice M. & Robert C. Knox, Jr.
Ruth & Alfred Koeppel
Peter & Jill Kraus
Charles A. Lewis
Kenneth A. Linn
Loctite Corporation
Elizabeth R. & William G. Mather
Barbara & Donald L. McLagan
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Mentor Graphics Corporation
J. Pierpont Morgan
J. Oliver Morris
Walter P. Murphy Foundation
Charles H. Northam
Ruth & Roy Nutt
The Pew Charitable Trusts
Lawson Purdy
Wendy & Paul Raether
Gertrude & John R. Reitemeyer
Eleanor Ward & Walter J. Riley
Vernon D. & Florence E. Roosa
Thomas R. & Selma M. Savage
Gwendolyn M. & Allan K. Smith
Nina G. & George Strawbridge, Jr.
Margaret Dorrance Strawbridge Foundation
Charles H. Strong
Dhuanne S. & Douglas T. Tansill
Travelers Insurance
United Technologies Corporation
Sara & Raymond J. Wean
The Whitaker Foundation
Judith M. & Henry M. Zachs


Ceremony October 19, 2001
Elizabeth & G. Keith Funston
William R. Kenan, Jr.
Charitable Trust
Mitchell M. & Miriam H. Merin
Old Dominion Foundation
Thomas & Charlotte Valentine Taylor Educational Foundation
Carl H. Tiedemann 

Ceremony October 17, 2003
Henry M. Fuller
Audrey & Martin Gruss
The Kresge Foundation
Leslie Cooper Sillcox

Ceremony October 17, 2003
Linda M. & Thomas R. DiBenedetto
Joanne & Thomas F. Head III
Louise A. Rathbone

Ceremony September 30, 2005
Dorothy & Jack Kupferberg Family
Garrett M. & Mary Penniman Moran
Belinda W. & Luther L. Terry, Jr.

Ceremony September 15, 2006
Paul J. Bilka
Varian Ayers & Gary Knisely
Louise W. & Walter O.R. Korder, Jr.

Ceremony October 24, 2008
The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.
Nellie Mae Education Foundation

Ceremony October 24, 2008
Patricia W. & E. Thayer Bigelow, Jr.
Albert L. E. Gastmann
The Posen Foundation
Elizabeth F. & W. James Tozer, Jr.
Benjamin J. Williams, Hope A. Williams, Ralph B. Williams II & Family

Ceremony October 24, 2008
John Curry Gay
Alexander P. & Sally W. Lynch
Michael E. & Patricia J. O’Neill
Sheila & Charles R. Perrin
Sarah B. & Edward C. Rorer

Ceremony October 16, 2009
Beatrice B. Bayley
Richard E. Gager
William C. & Nancy Richardson
Marjorie G. & Martin D. Wood

Ceremony October 15, 2010
Victory G. & Alexander H. Levi
Melinda F. & Michael D. Loberg
Scholarships for Illinois Residents, Inc.
Marlynn V. & William P. Scully
Judith C. & William H. Turner III
Mary Casner Walsh & Timothy J. Walsh

Ceremony October 21, 2011
Meredith & Whitney George
Shoshanna & Joshua Gruss
Thomas McKenna Meredith

Ceremony October 18, 2013
Leslie Warner-Maloney & Kevin J. Maloney
Marie & John Zimmermann Fund

Ceremony October 18, 2013
Weezie & John S. Gates, Jr.
Jennifer B. & Jeffrey E. Kelter
Heidi M. Greene & Michael J. Kluger
Henry Luce Foundation
Dorothy B. & Evald Laurids Skau
David F. & Karen Kelsey Thomas
Richard E. & Cornelia Parsons Thornburgh

Ceremony October 14, 2016
Loretta R. & Marshall E. Blume
Todd Dagres

Ceremony October 14, 2016
Davis United World College Scholar Program
Robert M. Olton​

Ceremony October 14, 2016
Harold W. & Emily Latour Bogle
Marjorie Van Eenam & Robert Ward Butcher

Ceremony October 19, 2018
Francisco L. Borges
Cynthia A. and James W. Cuminale
Heather and James J. Murren
Margaret Ann and Scott W. Reynolds
Sandra and William E. Cunningham Jr.
Christine M. and Peter S. Duncan
Audrey and Daniel H. Meyer
Neil H. Pfanstiel (inducted

Ceremony October 18, 2019
Roberta P. & Raymond J. Beech
Suzanne D’Harcourt Hooper
& Michael C. Huebsch
Mastercard Foundation
Scholars Program at the
African Leadership Academy
Shuk Kwen Cheung &
Bun Chak Poon
Donald E. Scott (inducted posthumously)
William B. Tyree &
Kathryn George Tyree

Ceremony April 8, 2022
Henry S. Mallari-D’Auria
Judith & David Rivkin
Thomas L. Safran
The Schnadig Family

Ceremony April 8, 2022
Elizabeth Elting & Michael Burlant
Joanne & Everett Elting
The Fernandez Family
Kathleen F. & David W. MacLennan
Frank R. Mori & Margaret R. Mori

Ceremony October 14, 2022
The Buchmueller Family
The Gregory G. Mario Family
Prudence F. & Peter J. Meehan
Edgar F. Waterman
Charles Guilford Woodward

Ceremony October 13, 2023
Robert P. Naparstek & Lisa G. Bisaccia
Guy O. Dove III
Cynthia W. & Irving A. Hamilton (inducted posthumously)
Jean Ruddy Keen & Victor F. Keen
Taryn & Mark Leavitt
Patricia C. & Charles H. McGill III
N. Louis Shipley