The Anniversary Award winners below were chosen by the Trinity College Alumni Association executive committee as individuals “who exemplify the college’s mission and uphold its proud tradition of scholarship, leadership, and innovation.” Alumni and faculty were asked to help in identifying potential award winners by nominating those who are scholars, leaders or innovators, or who may be “unsung heroes” working quietly behind the scenes to make a difference.

Joseph J. Bonsignore ’42, P’82
Elliott K. Stein ’44
Theodore D. Lockwood ’48
Gerald J. Hansen, Jr. ’51, P’78, ’84, ’88
William F. LaPorte, Jr. ’55
James W. Crystal ’58
Borden W. Painter Jr. ’58
Jon A. Reynolds ’59
Lee H. Kalcheim ’60
George F. Will ’62
Phineas Anderson ’64
Joseph R. Martire ’64
Robert B. Stepto ’66
William K. Marimow ’69
Arlene A. Forastiere ’71
Dean H. Hamer ’72
JoAnne A. Epps ’73
H. Susannah Heschel ’73
Carolyn A. Pelzel ’74
Mary Ann Nelson ’77
D. Holmes Morton II ’79
Daniel H. Meyer ’80
Joanna J. Scott ’82
Lisa Alvarez-Calderon Cox ’88
Georgia B. Hansen P’78, ’84, ’88