The PossePlus Retreat is a space where Posse students, faculty, and staff come together to discuss a topic relevant to our community. Trinity Posse Scholars look forward to this opportunity each year to collaborate on strategies of effecting meaningful change.

About PossePlus Retreat 2021

In the past year, we’ve seen tragedy and triumph—in our own lives and those of our families, friends, and community members. In this unprecedented moment of physical isolation, we’ve witnessed a spike in collective action to fight for equity and against the brutality of racism. As has often been the case, young leaders have spearheaded the bravery, effort, and resilience of this nation.

Through Posse’s first-ever Virtual PossePlus Retreat, students will have a unique opportunity to talk about what leadership means in the now; in this powerful, world-altering moment. How can our community come together to help lead the world forward? Where are the opportunities for students to lead as an individual? How can we continue to build community while we are physically distanced? And how might the election outcome shift the social and political dynamics for change within our country?

These and other questions will be considered at this year’s virtual retreat: The State of Leadership: Community, Conflict, and Change. To spark the conversation, we’ll be showing a dynamic video on some of the most compelling issues facing our world today. Together, we will connect through a half-day of dialogue to consider the roles all of us can play in driving the change we so desperately need.