The PossePlus Retreat is a space where Posse students, faculty, and staff come together to discuss a topic relevant to our community. Trinity Posse Scholars look forward to this opportunity each year to collaborate on strategies of effecting meaningful change.

PossePlus Retreat 2024

Stay tuned, details to come.

About PossePlus Retreat 2023 – Truth or Consequences?

Posse Scholars, students, and guests explored the role of truth and its impact on key structures within our society like education, politics, the criminal justice system, elections, and our lives. What is truth? Why does fact get questioned? What are the consequences of disputing the truth? What role does social media and the news play? Who do we trust to tell the truth? How do we hold people accountable?

About PossePlus Retreat 2022 – Calling on Community

We returned to our campuses, some for the first time, and were recreating what it meant to be a community. The 2022 Virtual PossePlus Retreat provided space for our community to discuss this unique moment, in which we all had an opportunity to rethink, reinvent, and restore our communities. How do we work together to create new and inclusive norms? How do we find time to invest in each other while also taking care of ourselves? How can our campus community move forward together? How do the policies, practices, and cultural forces of the day create opportunities for transformation? And, finally, what is our responsibility to each other?

About PossePlus Retreat 2021 – The State of Politics

As the 2020 election approached, the country had been talking more and more about the state of political discourse in the United States. How you engage politically, today, will help determine how this nation deals with these and other issues tomorrow and for years to come. The 2020 PossePlus Retreat focused on how we talk about the hardest issues facing our nation and threatening our democracy.