Trinity in Trinidad

Trinity in Trinidad is the College’s academic study away program for exploring Caribbean Civilization. It offers an unparalleled immersion experience in and out of the classroom in one of the Caribbean region’s most  dynamic and unique societies, the two-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Caribbean Civilization has a long history and it is a vitally important geographical area politically, socially, and culturally. In Trinidad and Tobago students explore the richly diverse, ecologically unique, multi-ethnic heritage of Caribbean Civilization region through its politics, human rights, arts, history, economy, religion, food, music, and environment. Close collaborations with cultural and political leaders, scientists, artists, and scholars allow students to do internships or independent studies in almost any field of interest, gaining valuable academic and career experience. Students study at the prestigious University of the West Indies, which offers a full range of courses in the arts, humanities, social sciences, sciences, and engineering. 

Program Highlights

  • Students have the opportunity to work closely with local cultural and political leaders, as well as scientists, engineers and filmmakers through field study, independent studies and community service.

  • There are numerous excursions throughout the semester around both Trinidad and Tobago.

  • As part of the core course in examining the Caribbean region, students travel to another​ Caribbean country for an 8 day study tour.

  • Students participate in Trinidad's famous festivals, including Ramleela in the fall and Carnival in the spring.

The Setting

Trinidad’s location provides students ample opportunities to travel in other societies of the Caribbean. While only five miles off the northern coast of South America, Trinidad shares in Caribbean Civilization’s  extension into the coasts of Central America and the Gulf of Mexico, and in the island countries of Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic., and Puerto Rico. Trinidad and Tobago are among the most prosperous islands in the entire region. They boast rich natural resources and a large variety of wildlife and habitats, and cultures and religions enriched with peoples from Europe, Africa and India. Equally engaging are the dynamic towns and cities, where crowded markets, thriving multinational industries, and historic townhouses sit side by side with temples, mosques, shrines, and cathedrals.  Each semester includes an 8-10 day travel and study experience in Cuba.

Program Prerequisites

The program is open to students with a 2.5 GPA who are in good social and academic standing.


Application Deadlines

Mar. 1st - Fall sessions 

Oct. 1st - Spring sessions

Late acceptance may be possible. Please contact a Study Away Adviser for more information!