The Allan K. Smith Center for Writing and Rhetoric is excited to announce a new pilot-program for Trinity College faculty who want to undertake an exploration of writing pedagogy in their classrooms. Five faculty participants will form a colloquium that will read, discuss, and write in response to assigned readings and propose applications of the readings to the writing intensive courses they teach (or plan to teach). The Writing Fellows program will offer eight courses spread over two semesters and explore the following sample topics:

  1. Using writing-to-learn assignments to teach disciplinary specific content
  2. Assigning, Responding, and Grading writing (exams, essays, research papers, lab reports)
  3. Using student-teacher conferences, peer review, and writing center for student feedback
  4. Scaffolding writing assignments
  5. Teaching students to write according to disciplinary features
  6. Teaching students the process of writing (short or long assignments)
  7. Using technology in the writing process
  8. Working with ESL and ELL students

Writing Fellows receive a stipend and form a colloquium that gathers once per month to discuss readings on selected topics that will build toward a final project. Writing Fellows will apply writing to learn and learning to write techniques to the writing intensive courses that they teach. Training in writing pedagogy not only helps faculty members develop as teachers, but allows faculty to use time more efficiently to balance research and teaching responsibilities. Faculty accepted to the Writing Fellows program will also write a final report applying what they learned to a specific course, and make a public presentation sharing their conclusions.

Writing Fellows AY2019-2020

Stefanie Chambers, Professor of Political Science

Molly Helt, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

Jo-Ann Jee, Visiting Lecturer of Chemistry

Daniel Mrozowski, Academic Director of Graduate Studies and Lecturer in English (Graduate Studies Program)

Martha Risser, Associate Professor of Classical Studies

Writing Fellows AY2018-2019

Alexander Manevitz, Visiting Assistant Professor of American Studies

Writing Fellows Report AY1819-Manevitz

David Reuman, Associate Professor of Psychology

Writing Fellows Report AY1819-Reuman

Meredith Safran, Associate Professor of Classical Studies

Writing Fellows Report AY1819-Safran

Barbara Walden, Associate Professor of Physics

Writing Fellows Report AY1819-Walden

Stefanie Wang, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Writing Fellows Report AY1819-Wang

Writing Fellows AY2017-2018

Megan Hartline, Director of Community Learning

Writing Fellows Report AY1718-Hartline

Isaac Kamola, Associate Professor of Political Science

Writing Fellows Report AY1718-Kamola

Michelle Kovarik, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Writing Fellows Report AY1718-Kovarik

Shane Ewegen, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Writing Fellows Report AY1718-Ewegen

Hilary Wyss, Allan K. Smith and Gwendolyn Miles Smith Professor of English

Writing Fellows Report AY1718-Wyss