This minor is designed for students interested in rhetoric, writing, and the interrelated arts of media. Core courses provide students with extensive opportunities to develop their writing in various genres and examine rhetorical theories and practices. Elective courses explore social, cultural and field-specific topics in language, logic, persuasion and multimedia modes of communication.

Students interested in pursuing an internship in rhetoric & writing, please review the following video:

Finding Rhetoric & Writing Internships in Handshake

The following RHET classes will be offered during the 2020/2021 academic year:

FALL 2020
RHET 103 College Writing (Freshmen and Sophomore only)
RHET 302 Writing Theories and Practices (Offered only to students accepted in the Writing Associates Program)

J-TERM–Online only
RHET 125 Writing for a Digital World
RHET 202 Writing in the Disciplines

RHET 125 Writing for a Digital World
RHET 130 Visual Rhetorics
RHET 208 Argument and Research Writing
RHET 216 Writing the Personal Essay
RHET 315 Writing in the Public Sphere: Theory and Practice
RHET 360 Rhetorics of Law and Violence
RHET 406 Composition Pedagogy




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Nicholas P. Marino
Lecturer in the Allan K. Smith Center for Writing and Rhetoric
115 Vernon Street 211, (860)297-5323


Rhetoric, Writing, and Media Studies Minor

Tennyson O'Donnell 115 Vernon St.
Second Floor
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.