Who are the Writing Associates?

All Writing Associates are current Trinity College Students who exhibit excellence in the art of writing and share a passion for improving the writing of their peers using a collaborative approach. Writing Associates are selected from a wide variety of academic majors, and are identified by their professors as outstanding writers. Writing Associates undergo a rigorous training curriculum that includes completing RHET 302, Writing Theory and Practice. The Writing Associates Program was created in 1989 to supplement faculty efforts and encourage a positive writing culture at Trinity.

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Meet this year’s Writing Associates!​

Megan Caljouw ‘20
Majors: French and English Literature
Message: Personally, I love writing because it allows me to explore languages on a deeper level. Being a Writing Associate not only lets me help others learn, but it also lets me learn from others and their experiences. This learning exchange encourages a close-knit community here at Trinity. Helping others with writing has always been one of my favorite activities, because it allows us to understand one another better, regardless of our backgrounds.
Max Eichner ’20
Major: Public Policy and Law
Message: Ever since I was a peer tutor in high school, I have always enjoyed working with others. Being a fluid and coherent writer is such an important skill and I look forward to assisting others in developing their own style and voice. The Writing Center is a great place to not only improve writing, but cultivate diverse ideas regarding the writing process.
Jenna Gershman ’20
Majors: American Studies and Public Policy & Law
Noelle Lucien ’20
Message: Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been passionate about stories, whether that be writing them or reading them. I’m so excited for this opportunity to be a Writing Associate because I hope I can inspire people to love writing as much as I do.
​Sarah Thomas ’20
Major: German Studies
​Aidan Arnold Aidan Arnold ’21
Major: Political Science
Minor: Community Action
In addition to working at the Writing Aenter, I am a First-Year Mentor and a member of the Mock Trial Team.
Amanda Lafferty ​Amanda Lafferty ’21
Manny Rodriguez Manny Rodriguez ’20
Major: Human Rights Studies and Educational Studies
Minor: Legal Studies
Message: The ability to express yourself through writing is one of the most important skills to have in life. I am lucky to be a Writing Associate and have the opportunity to help others find their voice.
Lillia Schmidt Lillia Schmidt ’21
Message: I am so excited to be working as a Writing Associate this year, and not only because I love writing. Our Writing Center is an important place to grow individually, learn collectively, and exchange new ideas that can tear down stereotypes and embrace the diversity here at Trinity. I am proud to be a part of it!
​Sara Barrett ​Sara Barrett ’21
Majors: English and Educational Studies
Message: Helping others is a huge part of my life, and being a writing associate lets me to this with something I love: writing! I am so excited to collaborate with my peers and improve them as writers while building my own writing abilities, too. We have so many amazing people on this campus, and I can’t wait to hear their opinions on all different types of topics from their papers.
​Macie Bridge ​Macie Bridge ’21
Major: English (Creative Writing)
Minors: Rhetoric, Writing, and Media Studies and Religious Studies
Message: If there’s anything I love more than writing myself, it’s definitely helping others to love their own writing. I think that writing is a profound and timeless way to explore ideas and express ourselves, and it’s amazing to be able to share in this process with other Trinity students. The Writing Center is such an awesome place for growth, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it!
​Madeline Spencer-Orrell ​Madeline Spencer-Orrell ’20
Majors: English and Psychology
Message: Writing is something that will be important throughout life, and everyone can always improve as a writer. I’m excited to help my peers with their writing processes while learning from them through collaboration.
Patrick Simpson Patrick Simpson ’20
Majors: English (Creative Writing) and Film studies
Message: Writing has always been a passion of mine, ever since I worked for my school’s literary magazine. The ability to write effectively is a vital skill in the modern world and I’d like to help students develop their understanding of the writing process.
Eleanor Faraguna Eleanor Faraguna ’21
Major: Psychology and Educational Studies
Message: “The role of the writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.”
-Anais Nin
I think the most important process is discovering what we seem unable to say. The Writing Center is a place for this exploration to take place and being a Writing Associate allows me to be a part of this magical process.
Carey Maul Carey Maul ’21
Major: English
Hannah Stebbins Hannah Stebbins ’20
Major: English
Minor: Rhetoric
​Sydney Goldman Sydney Goldman ’21
Jaymie Bianca ’21
Majors: Educational Studies and Human Rights
Minor: English
Message: I write because I firmly believe it is a healer for the mind, body, and soul. Writing is one of the most beautiful forms of communication, and as an associate, I firmly believe in collaboration and working together to create beautiful work through a variety of topics and variations. I can’t wait to work with you!
Emma Sternberg ’21
Majors: English and Religious Studies
Minor: Hebrew
Message: I am a Writing Associate because not only do I love writing and having the capability to convey my ideas in unique and effective ways, but I also love helping others find their potential to do the same.  Having someone assist me with the challenges writing poses has been so important in helping me become a successful writer, so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to do the same for others so that they too can find the joy in writing that I do.
Bonnie Labonte ’22
Major: Political Science
Message: At trinity I play on the golf team. I am excited to work in the writing center because I like helping my peers and enjoy the writing process.
Lucemy Perez ’21
Major: American Studies
Minor: African American Studies
Message: Everyone is a writer, in some way. Writing is about expression and communication, about painting pictures with words and moving people. But writing is also so much that it can either be all of these things or none of these things- a good mix of everything and nothing. I’m excited to see this reality manifest alongside my peers as a Writing Associate.
Kayleigh Moses ’22
Majors: Environmental Science and (tentatively) Anthropology
Message: Trinity’s Writing Center is a truly unique and special community, where all students are welcome. Writing provides a passageway through which we can generate and communicate our own ideas to others. Whether your writing is formal or creative, a lab report or a poem, I love collaborating about diverse topics with people from various backgrounds.
Frank Orenstein ’22
Message: Writing is a major part of my life, both academically and for my own fun!  I am also a sincere believer of the fact that sometimes the best way to learn is to help others develop their own writing.  The Writing Center is a fantastic place to meet and work with new people while also helping them to develop valuable skills.  I look forward to my work at the Writing Center, and especially to helping others explore their own unique voices in writing!
Ayanna Platt ’22
Majors: Educational Studies and Sociology
Minor: English
Message: Writing has the potential to greatly impact the lives of both the author and the reader. What’s more, it gives us the opportunity to engage with people who have differing points of view. This is why I love to write and to help others with their writing. I am so pleased to be a Writing Associate and am looking forward to working with you.
Katie Camuso ’21
Major: Psychology
Minor: Rhetoric, Writing and Media Studies
Message: Writing has been a passion of mine from a very young age.  It gives me the opportunity to show my creativity and express my thoughts in a tangible way.  It is such an important skill that I am excited to help my peers refine and improve through appointments at the Writing Center!
Katherine Devaney Katherine Devaney ’21
Major: English
Message: The Writing Center is a space that I have frequently utilized during my time at Trinity. As a result, my confidence in my writing ability has grown exponentially. As an aspiring educator, it is a passion of mine to work with and teach others. This year, I am so excited to work as a Writing Associate, and help other students in the same way that the Writing Center has helped me.
India Rhodes India Rhodes ’22
Message: I believe that writing can be a powerful avenue for communication and creativity. I also believe
that writing can be challenging and frustrating. As a writing associate, I look forward to sharing
in the creativity and helping with any struggles.
Hannah Walsh Hannah Walsh ’22
Message: I am excited about the opportunity to work as a writing associate this year! The writing center is a place where I have always felt welcome and supported. I’ve always loved writing and I can’t wait to collaborate with new students and learn from their ideas and stories!
Nayantara Ghosh Nayantara Ghosh ’22
Majors: Political Science and Urban Studies (tentatively)
Minors: Religious Studies/Music
Message: “The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust                                  To me, the Writing Center is a place where we come to see our own writing through new eyes – to find new beauty, new ideas, and the occasional run-on sentence! I hope to be a part of your writing journey and I can’t wait to work with you!
Summer Dow Summer Dow ’22
Message: When I was younger, writing was the most challenging aspect of school for me. Through tutoring and working with mentors I found my passion in English. Writing is one of the most profound ways to understand more about yourself and others. By working at the Writing Center, I hope to pay it forward and help students grow as communicators and creators. I am also an athlete on the Women’s Rowing team!
Tyler Mola Tyler Mola ’22
Mira Nakhle Mira Nakhle ’20
Majors: Neuroscience & World Literature and Culture Studies
Message: Communication through writing is a science and an art, I know how daunting that can be! I love talking with writers to get thoughts onto paper, and I am excited to work together on your writing projects. You’ve got this!