Who are the Writing Associates?

All Writing Associates are current Trinity College Students who exhibit excellence in the art of writing and share a passion for improving the writing of their peers using a collaborative approach. Writing Associates are selected from a wide variety of academic majors, and are identified by their professors as outstanding writers. Writing Associates undergo a rigorous training curriculum that includes completing RHET 302, Writing Theory and Practice. The Writing Associates Program was created in 1989 to supplement faculty efforts and encourage a positive writing culture at Trinity.

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Meet this year’s Writing Associates!​

Archana Adhikari Archana Adhikari ’22
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Minor: Writing, Rhetoric, and Media StudiesMessage: Apart from being a Writing Associate, I am co-president at Trincoll Habitat for Humanity and a Resident Advisor for South Campus. Writing is a powerful tool that can heal you at times while empowering your with a voice at other times. As a Writing Associate, I am excited to collaborate with my peers to help each other be better writers.
Anna Bauer Anna Bauer ’23
Major: Biology and English
Enzi Dabner Teacher Enzi Dabner Teacher ’24
Summer Dow Summer Dow ’22
Major: English Major (Creative Writing)
Minor: Legal StudiesMessage: When I was younger, writing was the most challenging aspect of school for me. Through tutoring and working with mentors I found my passion in English. Writing is one of the most profound ways to understand more about yourself and others. By working at the Writing Center, I hope to pay it forward and help students grow as communicators and creators. I am also an athlete on the Women’s Rowing team!
Catherine Doyle  

Catherine Doyle ’23
Majors: English & Educational Studies
Minor: Community Action

Message: Aside from supporting writing, the Writing Center fosters an incredible sense of community. For this reason, The Writing Center is one of my favorite spaces on campus. I’m excited to be able to engage with all different types of writers and help them learn to love writing and the process!


Bea Dresser Bea Dresser ’22
Major: Political Science
Minor: Human RightsMessage: I am so excited to be an Associate for the Writing Center. To be able to interact with the various students on campus and help others enjoy the process that goes into writing is a true honor. I hope to be able to share whatever insights I have as well as learn from others.
Isabel Duval Isabel Duval ’23
Major: English
Jane Fantozzi Jane Fantozzi ’23
Majors: English and Classical StudiesMessage: I’m very excited to work at the Writing Center. I’m very passionate about writing myself, and I can’t wait to help other Trinity students feel passionate about their own work! The Writing Center is a great place on campus, and I’m honored to be a part of it!
Reagan Flynn Reagan Flynn ’23
Major: Political Science
Minor: Hispanic StudiesMessage: I truly believe that the most valuable skill we, as students, need to hone as we journey into the ‘real world’ is the ability and the confidence to communicate our ideas effectively. Communication through writing allows us to do wonderful things like engage in academic discourse, convey our thoughts and feelings, and advocate for ourselves and others. My goal as a Writing Associate is to help students find their written voice so that they may be confident in their ability to express themselves in writing.
Nayantara Ghosh Nayantara Ghosh ’22
Majors: Political Science and Urban Studies
Minors: Religious Studies/MusicMessage: “The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust. To me, the Writing Center is a place where we come to see our own writing through new eyes – to find new beauty, new ideas, and the occasional run-on sentence! I hope to be a part of your writing journey and I can’t wait to work with you!
Emily Grady Emily Grady ’24
Major: Public Policy and Law
Minor: EnglishMessage: The Writing Center is a place that I have frequently visited during my time at Trinity. It has allowed my confidence as a writer to grow tremendously. I am looking forward to working as a Writing Associate and to help others appreciate their own unique writing skills.
Anna Harvey Anna Harvey ’23
Major: Political Science
Tara Iyer Tara Iyer ’24
Major: Theatre and Dance and Political Science (International Relations)Message: I love the nuances of emotion and ideas that writing can bring out especially when conveying the same through speech is not always an option. The Writing Center is a place where peers can collaborate to get the most out of such nuances and that’s why I think it’s a really unique space on campus. Also, a fun fact about me is that I speak 5 languages!
Bonnie Labonte Bonnie Labonte, Head Tutor  ’22
Major: Political ScienceMessage: At trinity I play on the golf team. I am excited to work in the writing center because I like helping my peers and enjoy the writing process.
Sara Lambert Sara Lambert ’22
Major: English (Literature)Message: As an English major, I am both an avid reader and writer. Every time I write an essay, I feel as though I have a greater understanding of the topic I am studying. Writing helps me form a deeper connection, both with texts I love and those that don’t seem as enjoyable at first. Through the Writing Center, I hope that I can help other students to form these connections to the texts and subjects they study and to the time they spend here at Trinity.
Bailey McKeon Bailey McKeon ’22
Major: Philosophy
Minor: English (Creative Writing)Message: My favorite thing about writing is its capacity to bring people and ideas together. I am thrilled to work with so many Trinity students on their writing processes and have this wonderful opportunity to get to know others on campus. Aside from being a Writing Center Associate, I also play for the Women’s Ice Hockey team and am an editor for the Trinity Tripod.
Cassidy McNeeley Cassidy McNeeley ’22
Majors: English (Creative Writing) and Women and Gender StudiesMessage: I am really excited to have the opportunity to work at the Writing Center, not only to help other students but to continue to grow as a writer myself. Peer editing has had a large impact on my writing ability throughout high school and college and I believe it is through this collaboration that students are able to reach their greatest potential as writers. I look forward to getting to work with many different students and have the chance to have a positive impact on their time at Trinity. I am also a Transfer Mentor and a member of the Women’s Ice Hockey team!
Tyler Mola Tyler Mola ’22
Marshall Montner Marshall Montner ’23
Major: International StudiesMessage: As a student, I know firsthand how useful and impactful the Writing Center is as a resource for the Trinity community. As an Associate, I am truly excited and honored to be able to interact with and collaborate with an array of students during their writing processes. I look forward to working with you!
Kayleigh Moses, Head Tutor  ’22
Majors: Environmental Science and AnthropologyMessage: Trinity’s Writing Center is a truly unique and special community, where all students are welcome. Writing provides a passageway through which we can generate and communicate our own ideas to others. Whether your writing is formal or creative, a lab report or a poem, I would love to collaborate with you. Exploring diverse topics with people from various backgrounds is one of my favorite things about the Writing Center…that and the candy bowl, of course!
Kat Namon Kat Namon ’22
Majors: Public Policy and Law and Art HistoryMessage: Writing has always been part of my identity throughout my life and academic career. I think it’s the most powerful tool we as students have at our disposal to either instill change or make ourselves heard. I think that taking advantage of every opportunity to improve one’s writing is never doing yourself a disservice, and I am so happy to be part of the Writing Center where the goal is to cultivate a space for writers to collaborate.
Frank Orenstein ’22
Major: EnglishMessage: Writing is a major part of my life, both academically and for my own fun!  I am also a sincere believer of the fact that sometimes the best way to learn is to help others develop their own writing.  The Writing Center is a fantastic place to meet and work with new people while also helping them to develop valuable skills.  I look forward to my work at the Writing Center, and especially to helping others explore their own unique voices in writing!
Rachel Papalski Rachel Papalski ’23
Majors: English & Public Policy and Law
Minor: Rhetoric, Writing, and Media Studies (possibly)Message: As a new writing associate, I am so happy to be a part of the Writing Center at Trinity. The Writing Center fosters such cool growth and is truly an environment of its own. I’m excited for this year and what is to come!
Ayanna Platt, Head Tutor  ’22
Majors: Educational Studies and EnglishMessage: Writing has the potential to greatly impact the lives of both the author and the reader. What’s more, it gives us the opportunity to engage with people who have differing points of view. This is why I love to write and to help others with their writing. I am so pleased to be a Writing Associate and am looking forward to working with you.
Connor Recck Connor Recck ’23
Majors: Economics and Public Policy & LawMessage: In addition to being a Writing Associate, I am also a member of the Men’s Swimming and Diving Team here at Trinity! I am very excited to be engaging with a wide variety of different students through the Writing Center! I have always enjoyed writing myself and being able to help others with their writing skills is one of the most rewarding parts of my time as a student here at Trinity.
India Rhodes India Rhodes ’22
Major: PhilosophyMessage: I believe that writing can be a powerful avenue for communication and creativity. I also believe that writing can be challenging and frustrating. As a writing associate, I look forward to sharing in the creativity and helping with any struggles.
Simi Schreiber Simi Schreiber ’23
Major: Philosophy
Minor: Music ProductionMessage: Being able to write is being able to communicate with others! I am so excited to help students who come to the writing center communicate their ideas effectively and efficiently. I hope to help others not only improve their writing skills, but enjoy the process, as well!
Jill Schuck Jill Schuck ’23
Major: English (Creative Writing) and SociologyMessage: As someone who loves to write (and loves to eat candy), I find Trinity’s Writing Center to be such a stimulating, welcoming environment. I cannot wait to share my passion with students from all academic disciplines. Aside from being a Writing Associate, I am a member of Alpha Chi Omega, Eta Sigma Phi, ACES and The Moveable Joints. After a long hiatus of in-person gatherings, I’m excited to meet more people on campus!
Kaitlyn Siedman Kaitlyn Siedman ’23
Major: Psychology
Minor: LinguisticsMessage: Writing has always been a big part of my life and has helped shaped me into who I am today. But that’s true for everyone else, whether they realize it or not! I’m excited to meet, work with, and learn from those who have all different kind of relationships with writing and I’m so glad the Writing Center gives me that opportunity. I can’t wait to work with you!
Gabriel Sorondo Guirola Gabriel Sorondo Guirola ’23
Major: Hispanic Studies and TheaterMessage: Being an international student and a non-native speaker of English, writing always seemed to be a beast that had been sent to destroy my academic career when I first came to the United States. Instead, writing turned out to be a huge part of my artistic and personal expression as well as one of my strong points when it came down to academics. My goal this year is not only to help as many people as possible throughout the Writing Center but also to help them become the best of friends with writing! My other goad would be to encourage all of the international students and English Language Learners at Trinity to not be afraid of writing because if I could embrace writing, then you can too!”Cuando uno escribe, el lector es uno” (When you write, you are the reader) – Jorge Luis Borges
Catherine Weiner Cat Weiner ’22
Major: English (Creative Writing)
Minor: Legal StudiesMessage: Working in the Writing Center will not only allow me to help others with their writing but will also allow me to learn about my own. Every individual has their own unique writing process, which is going to be very interesting to explore. I am excited to be a part of such a welcoming and inspiring community!
Olivia Zeiner-Morrish Olivia Zeiner-Morrish ’22