Frequently Asked Questions

WGRAC is a welcoming space for all students, regardless of gender, gender identity or expression, sex, race, background, or political views. We are a place of change – creating positive social change on campus. We are a place of safety – a safe space on campus for all campus members seeking support, referrals, or a place to hang out. We are a place of inclusiveness – everyone is welcome! We are a place of fun – a space to bring your creativity and energy.

WGRAC, located in Mather Hall, consists of an office and a lounge/library. WGRAC’s lounge/library is used for student group meetings, hanging out, reading ‘zines or watching TV, parties, study, research (we have archived Women’s magazines from the past 30 years!), or browsing the library. WGRAC’s Lounge can also be reserved for classes of up to 20 people.

Stop by or email l[email protected] to learn more.

A wide variety of activities are held at WGRAC, including weekly student-led, open discussions on Fridays, lunchtime;  movie nights;  meetings of student groups such as: PHAB- Promoting Healthy Awareness of the Body, SECS – Students Encouraging Consensual Sex, Zeta Omega Eta, Posse Scholars, and more!

WGRAC hosts a number of exciting programs annually (see the Calendar page) as well as oversees the prevention and education of issues related to sexual misconduct. WGRAC also hosts the Counselor Advocacy Training (CAT) class, taught by the YWCA Sexual Assault Crisis Servcies (SACS), during the fall semester. Particpants become state certifed counselors and can be elgible to staff the state hotlines. WGRAC offers opportunties to students to create programs and start new student groups as well as for leadership development, activism, and  internships with Planned Parenthood and NARAL. Community involvement and service opportunities are also available as well as participation in group excursions off campus.

WGRAC non-student staff are Confidential Employees, meaning that those who choose to disclose an incident of sexual misconduct can do so in a private and safe space, with only non-identifying information reported to the college’s Title IX Coordinator and Campus Safety Director. WGRAC staff can help guide a campus member through options available to them as well as provide support and referrals.

WGRAC’s Director, Laura Lockwood, is the coordinator of the College’s Sexual Assault Response Team (please see SART’s website).

WGRAC is a resource center that provides education, programming, counseling, activism, resources, services,  and training on issues related to issues related to sexism, racism, classism, and intersecting oppressions for the campus community.  Women, Gender & Sexuality  (WMGS) is an academic department course that offers a major and minor.

WGRAC welcomes the participation of all individuals, regardless of their political beliefs. WGRAC welcomes the participation of all individuals, regardless of their political beliefs.  Our goal is to provide a safe space, programs, and trainings where non-judgemental discussion is encouraged. We strive to build community and break down the barriers which divide us.

Absolutely!  Students, administrators, and faculty members who identify as male regularly come to WGRAC and serve on staff, volunteer, participate in programs, and, and participate in the student groups. Our work and mission are intersectional: addressing issues through a social justice lens – work that affects us all.

WGRAC staff are available to meet with students to listen, make referrals, and, connect them with resources.

WGRAC staff are Confidential Employees: campus members who choose to disclose incidents of sexual misconduct can do so in a safe and private space. Only non-identifiable information is reported to the Title IX Coordinator and Campus Safety Director. If you seek anonymous or fully confidential resources WGRAC staff can help guide you.  WGRAC staff can explain the options available to you. Please also see the SART Web site and the publication Your Rights Your Options for a complete list of reporting options and confidentiality levels.

Campus members also visit the Center to talk about issues related to pregnancy, stress, eating disorders, gender identity, dating, hooking up, relationships, academics, and more.

Yes! The WGRAC library/lounge is used regularly by students for organizational meetings, support groups, study sessions, and social gatherings. First-Year Seminars and Posse Scholars have utilized the space. Please all (860) 297-2408 or email Laura to reserve the library/lounge, or just stop by!

Like us on Facebook! Trinity College Women & Gender Resource Action Center. Follow us on Instagram! @wgractrinity. Follow us on Twitter! @trinitywgrac. Check out the events on this web site; read Trinity Today; and, check WGRAC’s Bulletin Board (by the Post Office) for announcements of upcoming events. Call (860) 297-2408 or email Laura.

Come to our Friday discussions at 12:30 pm, WGRAC Lounge, or stop by and talk to the staff! Students are always welcome to join ongoing groups, volunteer, start a new organization, or become a Bystander Trainer. Paid positions are available for students. Stop by WGRAC to apply!