We lead with globally-relevant study away programs and progressive pedagogy, challenging students across all disciplines to develop intercultural competence, face global challenges and lead exceptional lives.


We design and deliver high-quality study away programs in diverse global learning environments, which enrich the academic experience at Trinity College, and encourage students to engage with the world. We believe in connecting learning to local place and space, translating theory into practice, and promoting intercultural competence and transnational understanding.


  • Place-Based Learning: Trinity’s study away programs and practices reflect the value we place on living and learning in the real world. Learners are immersed in diverse perspectives and communities, as programs encourage proximity to the space, place, language and culture in which they live.
  • Urban Context: Trinity’s nine study away programs are built on the belief that cities are dynamic labs—content-rich epicenters of thought, dialogue and change. Rigorous academics along with linked experiential learning opportunities are mapped onto Trinity’s international urban hubs—Cape Town, New York, Rome, Shanghai and Vienna.
  • Exploration & Independence: Trinity develops study away programs, which encourage the pursuit of academic, cultural and personal exploration in and beyond the classroom. Learners cultivate curiosity and independence through active engagement. Trinity study away programs prepare students of all disciplines to be bold, independent thinkers.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: The Trinity Office of Study Away embraces diversity, equity, access, and inclusion through our offerings of study away opportunities and engagement with the campus community. Consistent with the Trinity vision “to prepare students to be bold, independent thinkers who lead transformative lives”, we are committed to providing Trinity students with meaningful ways to engage with a diverse range of communities and cultures around the globe. Our office aims to work with each student’s unique identities, experiences, and abilities in their own search for a program that offers transformative potential for personal growth and a socially just global community.


Explore. Learn. Grow.

Office of Study Away 66 Vernon Street
Hartford, CT 06106
8:30am - 4:30pm