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Innovation for a Digital Future | Human-Centered Skills | Personalized Lifelong Learning

Competing in a digitally-centric and fast-moving world requires leaders to adapt and lead amidst industry changes with proven resources and tools. As a premiere liberal arts college in a growing tech city, we see the demand for agile leaders. That’s why we partnered with field experts to develop a program of customizable professional development and executive learning courses to build teams that excel in an ever-changing workforce. Our programs are designed for different audiences, ranging from recent college graduates through C-suite level executives.

If you are ready to learn how to succeed in a digital future, consider one of our new virtual offerings.

Communication and Design Thinking in the Digital Workplace

We are in the era of disruption. Excelling in this digitally-centric and fast moving world requires agile leaders skilled at being more creative, collaborative and inspiring. This is not a webinar, but rather an opportunity to learn and apply fundamental liberal arts and design tools that you can apply to your environment. You will engage in a hands-on, interactive virtual setting while also learning how to innovate in a remote environment, with extensive support and feedback.

Instructional Team: Bill Pacheco and Trinity faculty
Typically (3) 8-hour sessions

Think and Act Like an Entrepreneur

In this 7-module program, you will learn techniques and strategies entrepreneurs use, as well as challenges they face, in developing and executing new ideas. These approaches will benefit anyone interested in enacting change and implementing bold ideas in an organization. This interactive learning experience will teach valuable skill sets, with unique opportunities to hear first hand-insights from various start-up leaders.

Instructional Team:  Bill Pacheco and Trinity faculty
Typically (7) 3-hour sessions

Business Analysis Fundamentals

The process of translating a strategic plan into actionable elements begins with professional business analysis – i.e., capturing, refining, confirming, and prioritizing the needs to be satisfied by a project or program. Unfortunately, the care, discipline, and effort required for thorough upfront analysis is too often viewed as optional. Eagerness to begin work frequently results in premature efforts based on inadequate or inaccurate information. The result is all too familiar: poor quality, avoidable risk, rework, or even failure. During six all-day sessions over a period of four weeks, participants will explore and practice key business analysis activities, culminating in the creation of a professional-level requirements document for use in any organization – commercial, non-profit, or government.

Instructors: Michael Zambruski and Jacques Lagasse
Typically (6) 8-hour sessions

Steering Strategy to Success

Strategy sets the enterprise direction, business analysis translates that direction into actionable scope, and project management either fulfills the scope or shows how the scope and underlying strategy need to be reexamined. This means that successfully developing and implementing strategy requires leadership at different levels of an organization. All parties need to understand each other’s perspectives, challenges, and roles and then regularly interact with each other to ensure alignment, efficiency and feasibility.

Participants learn how strategy works at multiple levels of an organization and how to leverage this to steer organizational and professional success. Participants prepare individual plans of action, working with a personal coach in a hands-on approach to enterprise success.

Instructor: Michael Zambruski
Typically (6) 3-hour sessions


Contact Evan Field (860) 297-2220 for more information about private corporate/group session rates and for scheduling availability. Typical times for each program can be customized for your group’s needs.

Program Requirements:

Due to the online nature of these programs, participants must have access to a computer and reliable internet service.

Digital badge:

Program completion will be recognized with a digital badge that can be published on social media such as LinkedIn and/or listed in your resume.

Media Coverage

“Trinity College to offer online professional development, executive training,” Hartford Business Journal, July, 24, 2020


Professional Development and Executive Education

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