Minister of Music to the Gospel Choir

Anthony WilliamsAnthony Williams was born and raised in gospel music. He has been singing and performing with gospel choirs since childhood, and were it not for his mother’s insistence that he go to college, Williams might have pursued a professional career as an R&B singer.

Anthony serves as one of Trinity’s two part-time Gospel Choir directors. Since 2004, he has been teaching gospel vocals to Trinity’s Gospel Choir, leading rehearsals, and accompanying the choir on drums. He views the Choir as more than “just entertainment.” He says, “Our role is not just to entertain people, but to speak to their hearts and show them there is a God who can help heal whatever broken parts they have,” says Anthony. “We understand what students are going through and the Choir is a place for them to come and get spiritual nourishment, build friendships and become better people.”

Anthony holds a bachelor of science in accounting from Central Connecticut State University and is currently pursuing his master’s in educational counseling while working for Central Connecticut State University in the counselor education and family therapy department.