All Trinity students living on campus are required to select a meal plan. However, if a student has a documented medical condition (treated by a licensed, practicing Medical Doctor, non-family member) that cannot be managed by Trinity Dining Services, a meal plan accommodation may be requested. The first step in requesting a meal plan reduction or exemption is to contact Trinity Dining Services at [email protected] or [email protected] to discuss your dietary needs.  Dining Services can accommodate the majority of allergies and other conditions.  If determined that your condition cannot be managed adequately and you must request an accommodation, please apply on the Student Accessibility Resource Center (SARC) website accessible via your MyTrinColl portal by clicking on “Apply for Disability Accommodations” and provide supporting documentation. Documentation can be uploaded directly to your application.

Please note that housing location or food preferences, including but not limited to, vegetarian, vegan, organic only, are not reasons to be exempted from a meal plan. Additionally, food allergies and intolerances may not be a reason to be exempt, since Trinity Dining Services is able to accommodate many food allergies including gluten and lactose.

Requests for accommodations must be submitted within the first two weeks of the current semester. Any accommodation related changes to meal plans will not be considered after the first two weeks unless there is a new medical condition that cannot be managed for the rest of the semester by use of the current meal plan. For incoming students, requests must be made by May 31st.

For more information and to speak to the Trinity Dining Services manager, please contact 860-297-2318, email, [email protected], [email protected],or visit:

For questions about ADA accommodations, please contact The Student Accessibility Resource Center at 860-297-4206 or email [email protected].