Q. Does my ADD/ADHD or learning disability qualify me for a private room?
A. Having ADD/ADHD or a learning disability does not qualify a student for a private room. If students are concerned about minimizing distractions to enhance studying, we encourage them to use spaces designed specifically for this purpose: the library, classrooms, etc.

Q. Doesn’t having ADD automatically qualify me for accommodations?
A. No, not necessarily. As with any potentially disabling condition, disability status depends on the severity of the symptoms and whether symptoms are significantly ameliorated through medication. You may have ADD and still not qualify for disability services.

Q. Will I receive the same accommodations at Trinity as I had in high school?
A. Certain accommodations you had may not be available at the college insofar as we are governed by different legal and educational standards. We must make determinations about accommodations based on your needs within this [college] setting, as well as college requirements for earning degrees.

Q. What if I lose my official accommodations approval letter?
A. Contact [email protected] or at 860-297-4206 for extra copies.

Q. Should I indicate on my application that I have a disability?
A. By law, you are not required to indicate disability status on your application to the college, nor can admissions decisions be based unfairly on information about a person’s disability. Some students choose to include information about their disabilities to explain discrepancies between standardized scores and course grades or other anomalies in their applications. Also, providing information about your disability and any accommodations you have received will enable us to provide you with feedback on whether our resources are adequate for your needs.

Q. What if I am registered in the “wrong” classes when I arrive for my first semester? Like I’m registered for 3 reading-intensive classes but I have a disability that affects my reading rate’?
A. Like all students, you may drop classes and add others within the first week of classes. In subsequent semesters, you will be devising your own course schedules, so you will be able to decide what courses to take.