September 2, 2020

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

As you know, surveillance testing for COVID-19 and daily health checks are important elements of Trinity’s plan for the semester. Today, we have launched a software tool—CoVerified—to help facilitate both public health measures.

Daily Symptom Checks
At the start of each day, log into CoVerified to submit a symptom report. Should you have any symptoms, it is important that you also contact the Health Center directly.

COVID-19 Testing
Our on-campus Testing Center in the Field House is fully operational. Beginning today, please use the CoVerified system to schedule your appointments for COVID-19 testing.

  • Students- Based on the first letter of your last name, your assigned testing days are: A-K, Mondays and Thursdays; L-Z, Tuesdays and Fridays. A limited number of slots will be available on other days for commuter students and make-up tests. Students already on campus should use the app to schedule their next test for Thursday, Sept. 3 or Friday, Sept. 4.
  • Faculty, Staff, and Vendors will be asked to test on Wednesdays if they are on campus. A limited number of faculty/staff/vendor slots are available on other days, but those should be used primarily by employees not coming to campus on Wednesdays. Faculty, staff and vendors who have already tested this week should use the app to schedule their appointment for the week of Sept. 7.
  • Beginning Thursday, Sept. 3, you will be asked for your appointment time before entering the Fieldhouse Testing Center. This is to manage density in the testing center throughout the day.

Viewing Your Test Results
You can also view your COVID-19 test results within the same CoVerified system. From the “Testing” tab, tap the clipboard icon in the upper right corner. Your test results will be available there as soon as the lab finishes processing your test. (If you have already registered for the CareEvolve web site, you may continue to use that portal to view your results for now.)

Getting Started
The CoVerified app is available for Apple iOS and Android devices and the system also can be accessed via a web browser. Please follow these instructions to begin.

Testing Center
Beginning Thursday, September 3, students, faculty and staff will be asked to show their appointment time (either via app or paper printout) to gain access to the Testing Center. Volume will be increasing all week and by the end of the week, approximately 950 community members will be tested each day.

Faculty and staff who booked testing appointments for this week through the Bookings link do not need to re-schedule, they should keep those appointments.

Support and questions
For questions related to COVID testing, test results, CoVerified or the Broad Institute, please email [email protected]



Joe DiChristina, Vice President for Student Success and Enrollment Management

Michelle Cabral, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources