The neuroscience faculty are active researchers who provide ample opportunities for students to get research experience in their labs as well as at off-campus labs.

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Faculty Research Interests

The Neuroscience Program faculty pursue a wide array of fascinating research projects, all of which are available to student participation
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Faculty and Student Co-Authored Publications

Some students begin work with a faculty member in early in the career at Trinity and have the opportunity to see their research culminate in a professional publication or a presentation at a professional conference.
See a selection of co-authored publications here


 Senior Honors Thesis Projects

Some students chose to complete a year-long independent research project.  Most of these are related to the faculty member’s own research, but some can be designed independently by the student. Students typically start a senior thesis at least the summer before their senior year.
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Fast Track BS/MA in Neuroscience

Students who are already involved in research by their junior year can apply to participate in our 5 year BS/MA program. This allows them to spend a fifth year at Trinity completing a research project and earning a Master’s degree.
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