The Neuroscience Program has an active speakers program each semester. The upcoming talks are below.



February 28, 12:15 pm
Mather Hall Terrace Rooms BC
Kelli Duncan, PhD
Neuroscience, Vassar College
Angry Bird Brains: The Role of Steroid Hormones Following Traumatic Brain Injury

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March 7, 12:15 pm
Mather Hall Terrace Rooms BC
Eric Levine, PhD
Neuroscience, UConn Health
Contributions of UBE3A and Other Non-Imprinted Genes to Angelman Syndrome and Dup15q Syndrome Pathophysiology     

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April 4, 12:15 pm
McCook Auditorium
Alex White, PhD
Neuroscience, Barnard College
Top-Down Effects in the Brain’s Reading Network   

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April 25, 12:15 pm
McCook Auditorium
David Moorman, PhD
Neuroscience, UMass Amherst
Representation of Value and Action in the Rodent Frontal Cortex     

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FALL 2022

September 27, 12:15 pm.Peggy Mason
Mather Hall Terrace Rooms or
Peggy Mason, PhD
Neurobiology, U.Chicago
Why do we help? Lessons from rats


October 13, 12:15 pm Mather Hall Terrace Rooms
October 20, 12:15 pm Mather Hall Washington Room
Neuroscience Honors Proposals

Skyler Simpkins
Sydney Hall
Berit Schuveiller

Come hear from the students who will be working towards Honors in Neuroscience this year
Lunch will be provided


November 1, 12:15 pmHarry Blaise
Mather Hall Terrace Rooms
Harry Blaise, PhD
Engineering, Trinity College
Effects of caffeine on the hippocampus


Nu Rho Psi and Psi Chi Induction Ceremony
November 10, 4:30 pm Clifton Berwise
Hamlin Dining Hall
Clifton Berwise, PhD, ’11
Center for Counseling and Student Development
University of Delaware


November 22, 12:15 pmLaverne Melon
Mather Hall Terrace Rooms
Laverne Melón, PhD
Wesleyan University



Okunola Jeyifous
December 6 at 12:15 pm
Mather Hall Terrace Rooms or
Okunola Jeyifous
Neuroscience Department
DePaul College Science and Health
Probing structural plasticity in the neuronal secretory pathway


Henry Molaison Tour
December 9th at 1:00 pm
Meet at Vernon Social (Cornelia Center)

Henry Molaison Tour Schedule


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