The Neuroscience Program has an active speakers program each semester. The upcoming talks are below.

Fall 2020 Lecture Series

All events are on virtual platform

September 22

Detlev Boison, PhD
Brain Health Institute, Rutgers
Translational Adenosine Research

October 7th

Steve Schachter, MD
Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Forest Botanicals for Neurological Disorders
(note special day and time, Wednesday 2:30 pm)

October 20

Emmeline Edwards, PhD
Director of Extramural Research, National Center for Complementary and integrative Health
Integrative Health Research at NCCIH – What’s In a Name?

October 27

Katherine Karlsgodt, PhD ’99   TRINITY ALUMNA!
Psychology; Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, UCLA
Examining the Psychosis Spectrum

Nu Rho Psi / Psi Chi induction 4:30

December 1

Sally Seraphin, PhD
Neuroscience, Trinity College
Human experience through the lens of dopamine