The Neuroscience Program has an active speakers program each semester. The upcoming talks are below.

September 17, 2019

Susan Masino, Vernon Roosa Professor of Applied Science
“Brain Health, Inside and Out: Digesting Basic and Applied Research to Inform Public Policy”
4:30 pm, Washington Room
Reception to follow

September 21, 2019

Lydia Velez-Herrera, Lilly Sin Barreras/Lilly without Barriers
“Can you See Me? Can you Hear Me?”
Workshop on mental health awareness and cultural competency
A woman has a mental health crisis at 42 which takes her four years to find her way back to health. The journey to recovery? Seven inpatient psychiatric units in Puerto Rico and Connecticut, treatments like electroconvulsive shock (ECT), much traditional medication, and a suicide attempt.  She made a promise that if recovery was able to reach her she would not allow others to be invisible. Therefore, she opened a private agency Lilly sin Barreras/ Lilly without Barriers LLC where people can get help removing barriers to self design maps to learning, navigating and recovery. Through her agency she provides trainings with experience, humor, and lots of tools and strategies to bring light to the dark conversation of mental health.
10:00 am- 2:00 pm
Rittenberg Lounge

Summer Research Symposium:

When: Tuesday, September 24, 2019 (Common Hour)

Where: Washington Room, Mather Hall

Time: 12:15pm – 1:30pm

Tuesday Oct 1, 2019

Lisa Mangiamele, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
Smith College
“How new communication signals evolve: Androgens as modifiers of neuromotor structure and function”
Common Hour, 12:15
Rittenberg Lounge

October 10, 2019

Senior Honors Thesis Presentations, Common Hour, 12:15, Rittenberg Lounge

October 17, 2019

Senior Honors Thesis Presentations, Common Hour, 12:15, Rittenberg Lounge

Oct 29, 2019

Dahr Jamail
Author, award winning journalist, and feature writer of Climate Disruption Dispatches for
“The End of Ice: Bearing Witness and Finding Meaning in the Path of Climate Disruption”
Common Hour, 12:15, Dangremond Family Commons
Lunch provided

October 29, 2019

Anand Prahlad
“The Secret Life of a Black Aspie”
Rooted in black folklore and cultural ambience, and offering new perspectives on autism and more, The Secret Life of a Black Aspie will inspire and delight readers and deepen our understanding of the marginal spaces of human existence.
Cosponsored with the Department of English
4:30-5:30, Reese Room of the Smith House

November 7, 2019

Robert Hill, PhD ’07
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
Dartmouth College
“Uncovering mechanisms of myelin plasticity in the live brain”
Common Hour, 12:15
Rittenberg Lounge

November 7, 2019

4:00 pm
Nu Rho Psi Induction Ceremony
Hamlin Hall
Reception to Follow

November 7, 2019

7:00 pm
Abe and Phil’s Last Picture Show

When Dr. Abe Mandelbaum (Martin Landau) moves into the nursing home, Cliffside Manor, with his deteriorating wife Molly, he forms an improbable relationship with gambler and womanizer, Phil Nicoletti (Paul Sorvino). Even though at first Abe feels that moving into the home is the end of the road, he soon realizes that his life is finding a whole new beginning. Abe and Phil’s friendship is challenged when a mysterious nurse claims that her biological father resides in the home. Without children of their own, both Abe and Phil jump at the chance to convince Angela, and themselves, that they are her father. Abe and Phil’s Last Poker Game is written and directed by world-renowned neurologist, and first time director, Howard Weiner.
Panel to follow with: Howard Weiner, MD, director and neurologist; Pamela Dubin, actor; Bill Church, PhD, Department of Chemistry and Neuroscience