EROS (Encouraging Respect of Sexualities) is Trinity's student run queer centered group on campus!

Mission of EROS

EROS is a student run organization whose mission is to serve as a space for LGBTQ+ community members and allies, discuss queer centered issues and the ways other identities (i.e. race, class, etc.) interact with queerness, and run queer centered programming to educate and raise queer visibility on campus and beyond. EROS is a space to connect, talk to, and bond with queer folks and allies- it is a social space as much as it is a political one!

Annual Activities:

  • Ally Week
  • EROS Drag Show
  • Stoplight Party
  • Movie/Bonding Nights

Contact Information:

Updated email: [email protected]

Instagram: @trincolleros

Facebook: @trinityEROS