As an ongoing member of the Trinity College community, the following resources are available to all faculty retirees:

  • You may continue to use your Trinity email account and address for correspondence.
  • You may continue to contact the Library and Information Services Technology Desk for general computer support for any personal computers you own. While the LITS staff will do their best to troubleshoot and resolve issues, they cannot perform hardware repairs. They will do their best, though, to diagnose what hardware component has failed and suggest places for repair. LITS staff can assist you in installing any free software or software which you have personally purchased, but they cannot give you licensed software which the college owns. Our license agreements do not allow us to provide software for retirees, regardless of circumstances. All college equipment should be returned to the college prior to departure.
  • You will receive regular communications from the College via the global faculty distribution list. If at any time you wish to discontinue receiving emails from the College, please notify Sylvia DeMore.
  • You will also continue to be included as a member of the faculty listserve if you are currently a member. If at any time you wish to discontinue emails from the listserve, please notify Diane Zannoni.
  • You may have full access to Trinity College Library resources. Interlibrary loan services are available to all Trinity retirees upon request (please see an Information Services Desk staff to be added to that separate interlibrary loan computer system).
  • If you are age 62 or older, you may audit one course per semester at the College on a space-available basis — retiree pays audit fee only.
  • You may continue to use the Ferris Athletic Center facilities, and your spouse or partner may purchase a fitness center membership on the same basis as spouses of active employees.
  • You will continue to receive invitations to various employee events on campus, as well as the following benefits:
    Continued ability to park on campus with a parking sticker;
    Discounted tickets to Cinestudio;
    Two free admissions to most events at Austin Arts Center;
    Discounts at the Trinity College Bookstore (simply tell bookstore staff that you are a retired faculty member); and
    Complimentary admission to home football games (other regular season athletic events are free and open to the public).

And of course, you may use the faculty retiree lounge in Mather basement and participate in retiree events.

If you no longer have one, you may obtain an ID from the Help Desk in RLITC. An ID will help you access the various services above.