Advisory Committee

The advisory committee will assist in planning the annual program. Feel free to contact committee members with suggestions for programming and any other matters of concern.

Borden W. Painter, Jr., President and Professor of History, Emeritus, Convener
Henry A. DePhillips, Jr.Vernon K. Krieble Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus
Leslie Desmangles, Professor of Religious Studies and International Studies
Francis J. EganProfessor of Economics, Emeritus
Ellison Banks Findly, Scott M. Johnson ’97 Distinguished Professor of Religion, Emerita
Joan D. HedrickCharles A. Dana Professor of History
Douglas B. Johnson, Professor of Music, Emeritus
Frank Kirkpatrick, Ellsworth Morton Tracy Lecturer and Professor of Religion, Emeritus
Sonia M. Lee, Professor of Language and Culture Studies, Emerita
Robin Sheppard, Professor of Physical Education, Emerita
J. Ronald Spencer , Lecturer in History and Associate Academic Dean, Emeritus