Co-director: Eric Galm, Professor of Music
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Co-director: Amanda Guzman, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
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Affiliated Faculty

  • Aidali Aponte-Aviles, Language and Culture Studies
  • Davarian Baldwin, Paul E. Raether Distinguished Professor of American Studies
  • Janet Bauer, Professor of International Studies
  • Jeffrey Bayliss, Associate Professor of History
  • Arianne Bazilio, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Chemistry
  • Katherine Bergen, Associate Professor of English
  • Christina Bleyer, College Librarian, Associate Vice President of Libraries and Digital Learning/Director of Special Collections and Archives, Watkinson Library
  • Stefanie Chambers, Professor of Political Science
  • Robert Cotto, Director, DEI Campus and Community Engagement
  • Carmen De Schryver, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
  • Pablo Delano, (co-director, 2017-2019), Charles A. Dana Professor of Fine Arts
  • Leslie Desmangles, (co-director, 2016-2017), Professor of Religious Studies and International Studies, Emeritus
  • Kent Dunlap, Professor of Biology
  • Dario A. Euraque, (co-director, 2017-2023), Professor of History and International Studies
  • Ricardo Gabriel, Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • Rosario Hubert, Associate Professor of Language and Culture Studies
  • Sara Kippur, Associate Professor of Language and Culture Studies
  • Timothy Landry, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Religious Studies
  • Seth Markle, Associate Professor of History and  International Studies
  • Thenesoya Vidina Martin De la Nuez, Visiting Assistant Professor of Language and Culture Studies
  • Priscilla Meléndez, (co-director, 2016-2017), Professor of Language and Culture Studies
  • Garth Myers, Paul E. Raether Distinguished Professor of Urban International Studies
  • Juliet Nebolon, Assistant Professor of American Studies
  • Sarah Raskin, Charles A. Dana Professor of Psychology and Neurosience
  • Milla Riggio, James J. Goodwin Professor of English, Emerita
  • Martha Risser, Associate Professor of Classics
  • Dan Román, Associate Professor of Music
  • Gerardo Ruiz Sánchez, Assistant Professor of Economics
  • Sally Seraphin, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
  • Maurice Wade, Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus
  • Thomas Wickman, Associate Professor of History and American Studies

Advisory Board

  • Ana Alfaro
  • Joyce Bolaños
  • Leslie Desmangles, Ph.D.
  • John Selders, Jr.
  • Fiona Vernal Ph.D.