“Each year a small, courageous group of students is transformed by their exposure to master classes, lectures, performances, and the city itself. La MaMa, a center of innovation and experimentation in its own right, is the program’s perfect home. There is no other program like it.”
- Judy Dworin, Co-founder of Trinity/La MaMa

IMPORTANT NOTE: As we continue to monitor the ongoing pandemic, programs and dates are subject to change and/or suspension as necessary.

Program Dates (Trinity/La MaMa is a Fall only program):

  • FALL 2021: Early September – Mid December

Program Size:

The Trinity/La MaMa Performing Arts program enrolls between 6-12 students each semester. Spaces are limited. Students will be notified if they have been placed on a wait list.


  • OPEN TO: Both Trinity and visiting students who are juniors or seniors in good academic​ and social standing at their home institution.
  • GPA: 2.8

Before you apply:

For more information, contact the Program Director Barbara Karger

Learn more about Barbara Karger here.

Schedule an advising appointment with the Trinity/La MaMa adviser: Lizzie Smith



The Trinity/La MaMa Performing Arts Program, established in 1986, is an innovative program that utilizes the landscape and history of New York City to provide a total immersion experience in the unique and vibrant theater, dance, and performance communities.


Contact the Trinity/La MaMa Adviser

Lizzie Smith 66 Vernon Street
Hartford, CT 06106