College life is about finding balance.

Let’s face it: college can be a stressful time, so it is important to maintain a healthy body and mind so you can perform at your best, but it is also a time when you can develop habits for healthy living that will stay with you for life. Trinity has a number of programs and services to help support your physical, psychological, spiritual, and overall well-being.


Student Health Services

The student Health Center coordinates your medical care and health insurance when you are here on campus. Staff provide primary care for illnesses and prevention services in addition to health education programs.


Counseling and Wellness Center

The Counseling and Wellness Center provides a full range of counseling and psychological services to all students who desire assistance in coping with personal and emotional difficulties and social relationships. All services offered by the Center are free, and all contact with members of the staff is privileged and confidential as provided by law.


Recreation + Fitness

It is easy to stay healthy when you are having fun. Whether you join an intramural sports team, practice yoga after class, or exercise in the fitness center, Trinity offers a variety of recreational options for athletes and non-athletes alike.