Each student must complete a major. The choice of a major must be made prior to the end of spring break, in the sophomore year. More than 900 courses in 41 majors, including interdisciplinary ones, are offered.

Trinity also provides students with the option of completing a departmental or interdisciplinary minor in nearly 30 fields.

While a student may take courses during their first year that will be part of a major that is declared later, the College does not recommend that students commit themselves to any particular major during their first year.​​

Chairs of each department provided information to help new students choose appropriate entry-level courses for select majors. Students interested in a major should use the entry courses to majors resource as a starting point and consider taking these specific courses. Prospective students are encouraged to contact the department chair directly to declare a major or minor.

For students who have AP or transfer credits or have questions about Math Placement exams, please learn more on the Prospective/Newly Admitted Students page.