Below is a listing of the various community and cultural houses here at Trinity College that are affiliated with the Office of Multicultural Affairs:

  • Asian-American Students Association (AASA)
  • Umoja House – Imani and Trinity College Black Women’s Organization
  • La Eracra – La Voz Latina

​​​To view more information about the above mentioned cultural houses, and to see the various events they have planned, please visit their individual pages on BantamLink the student organization database.

Asian-American Student Association House: Raising Cultural Awareness across Campus

The Asian-American Student Association (AASA) House, one of three cultural houses on the Trinity College campus, primarily caters to students of Asian descent, but serves as a welcoming space for the entire student body to enjoy intellectually stimulating and educational gatherings and discussions.

La Eracra: A Space for Cross-Cultural Dialogue

La Eracra, which is one of three cultural houses on Trinity College’s campus, is held in trust by La Voz Latina (LVL), a Latine student organization that aims to raise awareness about Latine culture, history, politics, and social issues.

Umoja House: ‘A Home Away from Home’

Umoja House is one of three cultural houses on Trinity’s campus that help to support the college’s diverse student body and to promote cultural awareness.