February 17, 2021

Dear Students,

For those coming to campus over the next few days, we wish you safe travels on your return to Trinity. We are looking forward to a semester that allows you to thrive in the classroom and be able to interact and socialize outside of the classroom in meaningful ways. This letter offers details for what you can expect upon arrival this week.

In order to help ensure a safe and successful semester, we are beginning with a transitional quarantine for all students who are here for in-person learning. The transitional quarantine begins tomorrow and lasts through February 28, until classes begin March 1. As you arrive back to campus, please take all the precautions necessary to protect yourself, your friends, your professors, and the entire community by following these guidelines:

For the time period of February 18-February 28, please remain in your residence unless you are doing the following:

  • Exercising outside by yourself or in pairs only
  • Going to the testing center to begin your twice-a-week COVID-19 testing
  • Getting meals at Mather. Please take meals back to your place of residence
  • Going to the Health Center. Please call 860-297-2018 in advance
  • Going to the mail room and bookstore

Note: Student residence hall access is limited to your own residence hall. Off-campus students may not enter residence halls, and students who live in campus housing may not visit off-campus housing.

Expectations for the entire spring semester

  • Do not host or attend unsanctioned social gatherings. All data shows that the virus spreads quickly at social gatherings.
  • Travel for essential reasons only. Essential travel for students is narrowly defined and limited to: travel related to family emergencies, to medical or legal appointments, or to pharmacies or grocery stores. If you need to travel from campus or your off-campus apartment for one of these purposes, please write to the Office of Student and Community Life at [email protected].
  • Wear masks and maintain appropriate 6’ physical distance from others at all times
  • Maintaining your twice-a-week testing schedule. Students may be asked to study remotely if they do not meet this requirement.

While you are onboarding and taking every precaution during this transitional quarantine, we will be tracking carefully the presence of the virus on campus with the hopes of allowing more activity on campus beginning the week of March 1. We hope that our collective efforts to “Protect the Nest” will soon allow us to reduce restrictions and set our campus alert level at Green.

Again, welcome back! Thank you for your diligence in getting us to this point. Let’s have another great semester.


Joe DiChristina, Vice President for Student Success and Enrollment Management
Jason Rojas, Chief of Staff and Associate Vice President for External Relations