Tools and resources to help us all keep each other safe. contribute to the health and safety of ourselves, our classmates, and our colleagues.

It is our collective responsibility to care for this community—at all times, including during a pandemic. Everyone on campus will be required to follow important health and safety practices and protocols, the most fundamental of which are:

  • Face coverings/masks
  • Physical distancing (including reduced sizes of social gatherings)
  • Frequent handwashing
  • Self-monitoring for symptoms
  • Mandatory public health education

If each of us commits to those fundamentals, we can go a long way toward keeping our community safe.

Signs and Templates

Trinity has installed a campuswide Protect the Nest health and safety signage system. You can download printable signs and templates for your needs on campus.

Email Signature

Help promote Protect the Nest among your classmates and colleagues. Download this graphic and add it to your Trinity College email signature, and add the text links to share useful information. See an example.

Protect the Nest badge

Wear Your Face Covering

Maintain 6 ft. Distance

Wash Your Hands Often


Protect the Nest: Welcome to Trinity

Protect the Nest: Wear a Face Covering

Protect the Nest: Follow the Signs

Protect the Nest: Keep It Clean


Protect the Nest: Dining Safely