This dashboard aims to provide the Trinity community with up-to-date information about the presence of COVID-19 on campus and our efforts to mitigate its spread, as well as conditions locally and statewide. In addition to key data about the number of currently active cases among our community and the number of students in isolation or quarantine, the dashboard provides cumulative data on our campus testing program (beginning anew on January 1, 2021). The current case counts and operating status will be updated once per week (beginning the week of June 7, 2021).

For technical details and definitions of terminology, read more about the data below.

To view data from the fall, please visit the COVID-19 Fall 2020 Dashboard.

On Campus

Currently Active Cases  Students Employees & Affiliates
As of July 30, 2021 0 0
Student Counts In Isolation In Quarantine
As of July 30, 2021 0 0


More Details

  • Current COVID-19 Testing Protocol:
    • Unvaccinated students living and/or studying on campus – tested once per week with PCR test.
    • Unvaccinated employees and Affiliates working on campus – tested once per week with PCR test
  • PCR test result turnaround time:
    • Typically less than 36 hours
    • Current status: On Schedule
  • The following statistics represent tests conducted through Trinity’s Testing Center, based on the result date of each test.

If viewing the table below on a mobile phone, you may need to scroll horizontally to view all data fields.

About the Data

The data on this page are aggregated from a variety of sources and are subject to updates and revision.


  • Currently Active Cases – the count of individuals who have recently tested positive (via Trinity’s testing program or elsewhere) and are in isolation per CDC guidelines at the time of reporting. Individuals who were diagnosed with COVID-19 may continue to test positive again within three months of the initial infection. Unless these individuals remain in isolation, they are not included in this count.
  • In isolation – the current count of students who are currently residing in one of the college’s isolation rooms.
  • In quarantine – the current count of students who may have been exposed to an active COVID-19 case and are following the quarantine protocol.
  • Tests Processed – the number of tests collected at the Trinity Testing Center and processed by the Broad Institute laboratory. Members of our community will be tested many times throughout the semester, so these counts are not headcounts. In addition, some individuals may be retested, so multiple positive test counts might not indicate multiple new cases.
  • Prior Positive – test results of individuals who previously tested positive for COVID-19 and received another positive test result less than 90 days from the first. In some cases, their original positive test was before their arrival on campus and they were never active cases on campus.
  • Invalid – the count of tests that could not be processed for a variety of reasons or failed to produce a valid result.
  • Inconclusive – the count of tests in which only one of the two viral probes signaled detection of the virus.