The Advising Portal

  1. Log into the advising portal.
  2. Your current advisees will be displayed on the page. To the right of each name will be several columns to click for more information regarding each student.

Removing Advising Holds

  1. Click on the “Release” link in the Registration Hold column to release an advisee’s hold.

You may find it useful to know that there are other holds that could prevent a student from registering, from the following offices: Dean of Students, Health Center, Student Accounts, the Mathematics Center (Quantitative Literacy Hold), and the Office of International Programs (Study Away hold for students approved to be away the next semester). Using TCOnline, students have the ability to determine the nature of a hold and should go to the appropriate office to resolve the issue and have the hold released.

Please investigate the other features in this series of panels, including the Advising Transcript, accessible by clicking on the icon in the Advising Transcript column on your list of advisees. This transcript displays courses by term or subject; provides information about students’ progress toward completion of the general education requirements; displays summary information for Mid-Term Grade Progress Reports submitted in the current term; and displays other important information such as class year; major; minor; the names of other advisors; cumulative gpa; withdrawal information; and academic notations to the transcript, such as censure or suspension. In addition, you may view the transcript of a student not yet your “official” advisee by using the New/Drop-in advisee link.

Distribution Requirements

Information regarding the degree and distribution requirements for undergraduates who matriculated at Trinity in the fall 2021 semester or later, can be found in the Bulletin and on the Dean of the Faculty website. For students who matriculated prior to fall 2021, the degree and distribution requirements are available to download at the link below, as well as in the Bulletin.
Degree & Distribution Requirements for Undergrads Matriculated Prior to Fall 2021

Release of Student Academic Information and FERPA guidelines

The Trinity College Privacy Policy outlines information about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), additionally, faculty should review the guidelines on the Releasing Student Information page of the Registrar’s Office website.