Physics Careers Information Archives
sponsored by the American Institute of Physics
What can you do with a physics major? Each month a group of physicists will be featured who have used their physics degrees in a wide variety of different ways. Post your own questions, and read the questions and replies submitted by others.

Career Planning Center for beginning scientists and engineers
from the National Academies
Help on tough questions: Should you go to grad school? What’s the job market like for scientists? Where should you look for a job, funding, or an internship? An excellent source of information.

Gradschool Shopper
from the American Institute of Physics
A directory of graduate programs in physics and related fields, with many links to all sorts of career information.

Career Development Center for Students at Trinity College

Career Services
from the American Institute of Physics
The #1 place to start. You can browse current job postings (including those specifically for holders of bachelor’s degrees), sign up for career workshops, and more! AIP can also index your resume and forward it to potential employers.

Careers in Physics
from the American Physical Society
Employment links and career guidance resources

Physics Jobs Online
from The Internet Pilot to Physics
Browse listings for summer jobs, PhD studentships, postdoctoral openings, faculty and research positions.

Science Online Jobsearch
from The American Association for the Advancement of Science
Employment ads posted in the on-line version of the weekly magazine Science. Emphasis is on the biosciences.

List of many links to on-line job listings in science & engineering plus other fields.

Physicsweb Jobs
from the Institute of Physics, an international professional physics association.
Mostly upper-level career postings in the U.K. and elsewhere.