All three cultural houses include the following amenities: (1) Kitchen (2) Library (3) Living room (4) Computers and printing accessibility (5) Laundry – Washers/Dryers.

Cultural House Coordinators will have full access to their designated houses. DEI professional will have access to all areas of all houses.

The following steps outline the process for obtaining access to the cultural houses for both Trinity Students, Faculty, & Staff:

Step 1: Reach out to the respective Cultural house using the appropriate email below. Please provide your name, Trinity ID#, and purpose for requesting access:

AASA: [email protected]

LA ERACRA: [email protected]

Umoja: [email protected]


Step 2: Once an email request has been received, the request must be approved both by the Cultural House Coordinator (CHC) and Cultural House Supervisor. This approval process can take to Two (2) weeks for completion.

Step 3: Once approved, individual will have access to access to the House(s) and its amenities as listed above. Individuals are free to utilize the houses during the open hours of Mon. – Fri.: 10am – 5pm and Sat. -Sun.: 12pm – 6pm.

NOTE: Please be sure to clean up after yourself and be respectful of the space. CHCs are not expected to clean the house after individuals but rather to model and enforce proper cleanliness and maintenance for individual and group use. Individuals or groups who fail to maintain these standards will suspended from further access.

Cultural House 2022-2023 Events and Gatherings Guidelines