The ability to accurately quantitate the success of our students in gaining admission to post-graduate programs in the health professions is influenced by many external factors.  Unreported termination of the application process, non-release of applications, acceptances to international schools, and failure of acceptance notification all contribute to a general uncertainty in any number reported to reflect the “success rate” of Trinity students in getting into medical school, dental school, vet school, etc. A more important aspect to evaluate is the quality of the program at Trinity College and the exceptional opportunities provided by our curriculum and our community.  These are highlighted below:

  • The HPAP is available to all students, regardless of GPA or Admissions Test scores, for up to 4 years post-graduation
  • Trinity graduates are currently attending the following health-professions schools: Cornell, Penn, University of Connecticut, Georgetown, University of Arizona, New York University, Columbia, Tufts, Albert Einstein, UC- San Francisco, Boston University, Medical University of South Carolina, Yale, Columbia, UC-Davis, Harvard
  • Trinity alumni occupy prestigious appointments in some of the finest teaching institutions (UNC, Harvard, Columbia, Weill-Cornell, Vanderbilt, University of Florida) and are active in the HPAP Alumni Mentoring program
  • There are 3 world-class health-care institutions within a 10 minute walk from campus (Hartford Hospital, Connecticut Childrens Medical Center, Institute of Living)
  • Volunteer and Internship opportunities provide exposure to numerous and varied cultural and ethnic communities
  • Curricular opportunities such as the Health Fellows Program provide students with unique insights into the life of the health professional
  • The Health Professions Advising Committee (HPAC) is composed of full-time faculty across multiple departments within the College and each registered student in the HPAP is assigned a personal HPAC advisor at the time of registering for the program
  • The acceptance rate for students at Trinity applying to all graduate health-care programs is approximately 80%.*
    *  this number reflects data collected over the last 5 years for students applying to medical (allopathic and osteopathic), dental, veterinary, physician’s assistant, nursing (accelerated), and pharmacy programs.   Students who are evaluated by the Healthcare Professions Advising Committee as either Outstanding or Superior Candidates have an acceptance rate of over 90%.

If you have further questions or would like more information about our program, please contact Chris Swart, Chair of the Health Professions Advising Committee at [email protected] (860) 297-2350.