Writing is at the core of a liberal arts education. All Trinity students are expected to write prose that is clear, convincing, and appropriate to audience and purpose. Not only is writing an essential means of communication, but it reflects and shapes how we think and interact with the world. Writing, moreover, is a key predictor of college success, while national employer surveys consistently report favoring candidates with strong writing skills.

At Trinity, the First-Year Seminar satisfies Trinity’s general-education requirement that all students take at least two “writing-intensive” courses, one of which must be the First-Year Seminar. Writing in the seminars, however, is about much more than satisfying a requirement. Students in First-Year Seminars use writing as an integral mode of learning. Writing in the seminars thus occurs regularly, takes various forms, and improves by means of revision and feedback.

To support student writing, each first-year student is encouraged to make full use of the Writing Center, meeting with any available writing associate to support the kind of drafting and revising that leads to successful writing.

  • ​Click here to schedule an online appointment with the Writing Center.
  • First-Year instructors should visit our Faculty Resources page for ideas about designing and responding to writing assignments.

Writing Resources for First-Year Students:

​​​The Writing Proce​ss
Paragraph Development
Using Figures & Charts​
Overcoming Writing Anxiety
Style and Sentence-Level Issues
Editing and Proofreading
Fragments and Run-Ons
Passive Voice
Semi-Colons, Colons, & Dashes
Should I Use “I”?
Word Choice
Writing Concisely