Entering students are required to enroll in a first-year seminar except for those participating in the Humanities Gateway Program, the Interdisciplinary Science Program, the Cities Program, the InterArts Program, the Community Action Gateway Experience, or the Global Health Humanities Gateway.

Fall 2022 First-Year Seminars:

FYSM 101: BFF or Strange Bedfellows? Cohorts, Compromise and Political Destiny – Madalene Spezialetti
FYSM 105: Prohibitions – John Alcorn
FYSM 110: Designing Your Future Work – Joseph Catrino
FYSM 112: Animal Minds – Kari Theurer
FYSM 116: Women and Philosophy – Shane Ewegen
FYSM 123: Human Rights in Photography, Film, and Pop Culture – Benjamin Carbonetti
FYSM 127: Exploring the 1960’s – Gail Woldu
FYSM 129: Acts of Adaptation: From Stage to Screen and Everything in Between – Teri Incampo
FYSM 131: Landscape Photography and Conservation – Christoph Geiss
FYSM 133: Applied Mathematics and Planet life – Lina Ma
FYSM 134: Curiosity and Madness in Western Culture – Barbara Benedict
FYSM 138: Archiving Hip Hop – Seth Markle
FYSM 140: Mathematical Gems – Ryan Pellico
FYSM 141: The Science and Practice of Invention – Amanda Guzman
FYSM 142: Race and Capitalism – Isaac Kamola
FYSM 144: Food Biology – Hebe Guardiola-Diaz
FYSM 147: The Holocaust and Memory: Text, Image, and Space – Jason Doerre
FYSM 149: George Orwell and His Times – David Rosen
FYSM 154: The Poetry of Social Movements – Jordan Camp
FYSM 163: Water: The Science, Legacy, and Looming Crisis – Arianne Bazilio
FYSM 168: The Science behind DSP – Lin Cheng
FYSM 176: The Creative Brain – Lindsey Hanson
FYSM 177: The Psychology of Happiness – Molly Helt
FYSM 184: The Art of Food (Writing) – Chloe Wheatley
FYSM 185-01: Sustainable Life – Dario Del Puppo
FYSM 105-02: Sustainable Life – Johannes Evelein
FYSM 187: Race and Religion – Shaping America’s Identity and Culture – Mareike Koertner
FYSM 190: Reading the City: Perspectives on the Urban Experience – Sean Fitzpatrick
FYSM 191: Social Issues and Economics – Gerardo Ruiz Sanchez
FYSM 197: Reader’s Identity and Culture: Different Perspectives on Israeli Culture – Adi Katz
FYSM 198: Reading and Writing Creative Nonfiction – Irene Papoulis
FYSM 199: Networks, Historical and Contemporary – Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre
FYSM 258: Cinephilia and Philosophy – James Prakash Younger

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