Entering students are required to enroll in a first-year seminar except for those participating in the Humanities Gateway Program, the Interdisciplinary Science Program, the Cities Program, the InterArts Program, the Community Action Gateway Experience, or the Global Health Humanities Gateway.

Fall 2021 First-Year Seminars:

FYSM 102-01, Poetry in Motion – Ciaran Berry
FYSM 105-01, Prohibitions – John Alcorn
FYSM 110-01, Designing Your Future Work – Joseph Catrino
FYSM 115-01, American Letters – Hilary Wyss
FYSM 116-01, Poetics and Philosophies of Friendship – Joshua King
FYSM 117-01, Daily Life and Democracy in Ancient Athens – Martha Risser
FYSM 121-01, Traveling the Middle East – Zayde Antrim
FYSM 128-01, Creativity: It’s Not Just for Artists! – Jennifer Allen
FYSM 131-01, Landscape Photography and Conservation – Christoph Geiss
FYSM 137-01, Pandas, Pigs, and Pangolins: Animals in Chinese History – Clark Alejandrino
FYSM 139-01, Figures of Death in Contemporary European Philosophy, Literature, and Art – Erik Vogt
​FYSM 143-01, American Conscience – Christopher Hager
FYSM 150-01, Lights, Camera, Society! Sociology Through Film – Tanetta Andersson
FYSM 152-01, In Search of a Good Life – Mary Sandoval
FYSM 156-01, It’s A Massacre! – Scott Gac
FYSM 157-01, Race and American Culture – Juliet Nebolon
FYSM 158-01, The Rhetoric of Sports and Fitness – Tennyson O’Donnell
FYSM 160-01, Changing Your Mind – Sarah Raskin
FYSM 161-01, Strange New Worlds: Star Trek and the 1960s – Cheryl Greenberg
FYSM 162-01, Cryptology: From Disordered Hieroglyphics to Quantum Physics – Ewa Syta
FYSM 164-01, The Inhospitable: Poetics of the Desert – Rosario Hubert
FYSM 171-01, Trials of the Century – Glenn Falk
FYSM 174-01, Reading the book “Talking to My Daughter about the Economy” – Ibrahim Shikaki
FYSM 175-01, The Scientific Method in Society – Per Sebastian Skardal
FYSM 177-01, Minds Behind the Brain – Harry Blaise
FYSM 178-01, Short Stories: Tales of the Supernatural, Intrigue, and Morality – Karen Humphreys
FYSM 182-01, France: The Age of Cathedrals & Kings – Jean Cadogan
FYSM 186-01, Mindfulness: Theory and Practice – Justin Fifield
FYSM 189-01, Predictive Fiction–Writers Imagining our Future – Johannes Evelein
FYSM 190-01, Reading the City: Perspectives on the Urban Experience – Sean Fitzpatrick
FYSM 193-01, The Brothers Karamazov – Carol Any
FYSM 194-01, Short Stories: Tales of the Supernatural, Intrigue, and Morality – Mary Mahoney
FYSM 195-01, The Biology of Science Fiction – Robert Fleming
FYSM 197-01, Reader’s Identity and Culture: Different Perspectives on Israeli Culture – Adi Katz

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