The faculty of Trinity's Engineering department have a variety of research interests and work in collaboration with Trinity students, other Trinity faculty, as well as with colleagues across the region, country, and globe. Their research includes such diverse subjects as digital signal and image processing, educational robots, computational modeling of neural networks, biosignal analysis, electrophysiology, optical diagnostics, combustion reactions, cardiovascular system dynamics, hydrodynamics, microfluidics, and wireless & mobile communication, among others. Trinity students have the opportunity to assist faculty members with their research which often leads to the publishing of papers and/or student presentations at professional conferences.

To see more detail on a faculty member’s research, click on the name below:

Dr. Harry Blaise – electrophysiology, computational modeling of neural networks, and biosignal analysis

Dr. Clay Byers​ – fluid dynamics, turbulent flows, and similarity solutions

Dr. Lin Cheng – wireless and mobile communication

Dr. Deborah Fixel – semiconductor device modeling

Dr. John Mertens – high-temperature combustion reactions in shock tubes, optical diagnostics, computational studies of non-equilibrium processes

Dr. Taikang Ning – digital signal and image processing, real-time embedded systems and FPGA design

Dr. Joseph Palladino – cardiovascular system dynamics, biomechanics, mathematical modeling