Alan Mendelson is a venture capitalist in Connecticut where he has been investing in the industry for over 35 years. He is currently a partner in VC23, a Connecticut based partnership which invests primarily in the biotech tools space and diagnostics. Prior to joining VC23 in 2019, Alan was the managing founding partner of Axiom Venture Partners. Axiom managed $200 million in 3 funds and generated a net IRR over 20 years of about 16%.

Prior to founding Axiom, Mr. Mendelson spent 25 years at Aetna Life and Casualty {Aetna), where he had a number of responsibilities in the investment area. Among his responsibilities, he ran Aetna’s $65 million direct venture investing program generating $265 million of proceeds, helped create MBIA, the country’s largest municipal bond insurance company, and worked with the CIO to formulate strategy and policy issues with regard to Aetna’s $22.4 billion commercial mortgage loan portfolio. During this time, he also initiated the concept for and served as President and CEO of Aetna, Jacobs and Ramo, a venture capital deal sharing arrangement among Aetna, Eli Jacobs and Company of New York, and Dr. Simon Ramo {founder of TRW) of California.

Mr. Mendelson has been involved in technology policy and development in Connecticut for about 35 years. For example, he has been on the Advisory Board of Connecticut Innovators since 1989. Mr. Mendelson has a BS in economics from Trinity College {Phi Beta Kappa) and a LLD (honors) from the University of Connecticut.