The strength of Trinity College starts with the positive relationships we form in our daily interactions with one another. One opportunity for support is affinity groups - a mechanism that brings people together around common identities, interests and experiences.

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; The Mentoring, Advocacy, and Support program in the Office of the Dean of Faculty; and Human Resources are pleased with the suggestions that were made for affinity groups and the enthusiastic response of faculty and staff to join them. We encourage collaboration between groups where appropriate. The current names of affinity groups and a contact person is provided below.  Please reach out to the contact of the group in which you are interested, and they will provide more information on meeting times, etc.  We will put out a call for new affinity group suggestions each fall.

Please contact Sarah Raskin ([email protected]) with any general questions about the affinity groups.

Group Contact
Caregivers (parents/siblings/guardians) of adults or children with disabilities, including—neurodivergent, intellectual disability, chronic illness Diana Paulin
Sustainability Hayley Berliner
How to be an ally
Teaching about race, disability, privilege, entitlement
Breaking down silos at Trinity John Michael Mason
LGBTQI+ faculty and staff Blase Provitola and Timothy Landry
Unpacking my whiteness Ellen Hart and Deb Mock
Women faculty
Tenured women faculty
Women of color faculty and staff
African American faculty and staff
Faculty and staff of color Ibrahim Shikaki
Crafting knitting photography Rennata Tropeano
Latinx faculty and staff
Faculty in the Arts
Tenure track women Lina Ma
Asian faculty and staff
Disabled faculty and staff Kelly Dugan
Contingent faculty Serena Laws
Managing student workers Jennifer Loscialpo
Under 40 at Trinity Jared Delane and Renita Washington