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Two Institutions Mark Milestones in Their Global Reach

It is not a coincidence that Trinity College is celebrating its 200th year at the exact same time that the Connecticut World Affairs Council is celebrating its 100th anniversary. For an entire century, Trinity and the Connecticut World Affairs Council have shared a mission of “helping the community navigate the global world we live in,” said Megan Torrey, CEO of the council.

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Albert Ananyan ’24 Selected as Trinity’s First Schwarzman Scholar

Albert Ananyan ’24 has been selected as a Schwarzman Scholar for the program’s 2024-2025 academic year. Schwarzman Scholars complete a one-year, fully-funded master’s degree program in global affairs at Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.

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Rio Smith ’26 Studies the Evolution of the Sanya District in Tokyo

Sanya is a district in Tokyo that had a day laborer market which peaked in the 1980s. Today there is a gap in the literature about the decline of the region since. Rio Smith ’26 spent his summer studying the evolution of Sanya since the eighties and what the district is like today using a Tanaka Fund for International Research summer grant through CUGS. Smith is an urban studies major with a minor in philosophy who grew up between Los Angeles and Tokyo.

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Global Studio Course Offers Professional Perspectives on Urban Planning

Global Studio (URST 403/803) is a new course offered this semester taught by Garth Myers, Director of the Center for Urban and Global Studies and Paul E. Raether Distinguished Professor of Urban International Studies. The course serves as a capstone for urban studies majors as well as a core course for students in the new master’s in urban planning. Every week in Global Studio there is a guest speaker who comes to share their experience working in the field and their unique insights about their focus area within planning.

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John Li ’24 Researches Fisherfolk Communities in Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen is a city known for being an overnight metropolis. The city has experienced rapid urbanization since the 1990s which has affected communities in numerous ways. The effect of urbanization on fisherfolk communities in Shenzhen is what John Li ’24 spent his summer researching using a grant from the China Urban Studies Summer Fund.

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Two Alumni Reflect on China Summer

by Xiangming Chen, Director, Urban Studies Two former China summer program participants reflect on how the program and their time at Trinity shaped their career paths. How Urban Studies Shaped My Path ...

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Albert Ananyan ’24 Awarded Projects for Peace Grant

Albert Ananyan '24 has been awarded a Projects for Peace grant to undertake a project in Armenia in summer 2023. Ananyan, a political science and international studies major from Armenia, was selected for a $10,000 grant to undertake a project titled, "DiliKar: a light industry training and capacity-building center for Artsakh Refugees.”

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Trinity Students Complete Three Projects for Peace

Over the summer, Trinity Students completed three Projects for Peace. Daniel Santos Ramírez ’23 and Gabriel Sorondo Guirola ’23 completed their project “Proyecto Turpial: Diasporic Youth Encounters,” which focused on building connections between young Venezuelans abroad and helping them to network with the eventual goal of empowering young leaders to give back to Venezuela. Suzanne Carpe Elias ’22 and Federico Cedolini ’22 completed the project “Mental Health Training for Peace: Building an Online Platform to Educate Families of Mental Health Patients in El Salvador,” where the goal was to help educate families with members who are suffering from mental health issues how to better help support their loved ones. Nayantara Ghosh ’22 also completed a Project for Peace over the summer called, “Wonder on Wheels: Bringing Mobile Education to the Children of Daily Wage Laborers and Slum-dwellers,” which focused on providing mobile education to those with inconsistent access to educational services in Bengaluru, India.