Community Learning posted by Erica Crowley

Trinity’s Public Humanities Collaborative Announces Summer 2022 Teams

The Public Humanities Collaborative (PHC) is pleased to announce 5 teams of students, faculty and community partners for Summer 2022. Over the last four years, we have seen how the PHC gives students the opportunity to engage with multiple methods and contexts for creating new knowledge in the humanities by participating in small teams that work on faculty scholarship, community public humanities projects, and meet regularly to learn about community collaboration and digital tools.

Community Action Gateway posted by Erica Crowley

Community Action Gateway Presents Spring 2022 Projects

This spring, the 2021-22 cohort produced outstanding work in partnership with Kamora's Cultural Corner, the Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance (SINA), the Center for Leadership & Justice, and Desiree Primus.

Community Learning posted by Emeline Avignon (2024)

“Writing for a Digital World” Course Partners with Hartford Food System

This semester, Visiting Assistant Professor in the Allan K. Smith Center for Writing in Rhetoric Alex Helberg is teaching RHET 125 “Writing for a Digital World,” where students seek to understand the influence of digital technologies on writing and communication practices. Borrowing from rhetorical theory on concepts like genre, discourse communities, intertextuality, and rhetorical ecologies, Helberg is teaching students how to write for public audiences through a Community Learning podcast project in partnership with Hartford Food System and Healthy Hartford Hub (HHH).

Community Learning posted by Emma Hersom '24

Incarceration and the Right to Vote: An International Comparative Study

Community Learning Research Fellow Emma Hersom ‘24 with Community Partner James Jeter, Full Citizens Coalition & Faculty Sponsor Professor Anna Terwiel  Spring 2022, Trinity College, Hartford CT Introduction  Constitution of the United States ...

Community Learning posted by Abby Nick '24

The Benefits of Guaranteed Basic Income: Lessons from Advocates

Abby Nick ‘24, Community Learning Research Fellow Community Partner Maddie Granato, Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Advocacy Fund And Faculty Sponsor Professor Chambers Spring 2022, Trinity College, Hartford CT

Community Learning posted by Alberlis Hernandez '23

Visualizing Referral Trends with the CT Office of Early Childhood

In spring 2022 I received the opportunity to partner with the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood for independent research. My community partner and I realized there is a need for data visualization where OEC can use their data to actively drive decisions, specifically for their 2-1-1 and Child Development Infoline (CDI) referral services. For my research, I created visualizations of current public data from OEC and presented trends over time. I hope my research raises questions about meaningful data collection that can benefit OEC with time.