30-1 Definitions

(3) Alcoholic liquor means alcohol, beer, spirits and wine.
(12) Minor means any person under 21.

30-74- Unauthorized Sale of Alcohol- (Misdemeanor)

Prohibits the unauthorized sale, distribution or dispensing of liquor without a permit in any premises used by any club, association, social or fraternal organization.

30-86- Delivering Liquor to minors- (Felony)

Prohibits the selling, shipping, delivering or giving of liquor to persons under 21 years of age. (Does not apply to employees of permittees over 18)

30-86a- Making False statement to procure liquor- (Misdemeanor)

Applies to minors who make false statements on age statement forms.

30-88a- Misrepresenting age to procure liquor- (Misdemeanor)

Prohibits misrepresenting one’s age or using someone else’s driver’s license to obtain liquor.

30-89(a)- Purchasing liquor or making false statement to procure liquor by person forbidden to purchase liquor- (Misdemeanor)

Prohibits purchases or attempted purchases by persons under 21 by false statement.

30-89(b)(1)- Possession of alcohol by a minor- public street or highway- (Infraction)

Prohibits possession of alcohol by minors in other private or public areas. Carries a mandatory 60-day driver’s license suspension.

30-89(b)(2)- Possession of Alcohol by a minor- other public or private location- (Infraction)

Prohibits possession of alcohol by minors in other private or public areas. Carries mandatory 30-day driver’s license suspension.

30-89(c)- Exemptions

Minors may possess alcohol if they are: over 18, in the course of their employment by a permittee; on the order of a practicing physician; accompanied by a parent, guardian or spouse who is 21 or over.

30-89a – Permitting minor to illegally possess liquor in dwelling or on private property or failing to halt possession- (Infraction- 1st offense, Misdemeanor- subsequent offenses)

Prohibits persons in possession or control of private premises from knowingly permitting minors to possess alcohol or knowing that minors are in possession of alcohol from failing to take reasonable efforts to halt possession.

30-114- Beer Keg Identification

Requires permittees to place tags on all kegs sold by the permittee, purchasers to sign a receipt for the keg, and that deposits will be forfeited if the keg is returned without the tag intact and readable.

30-115- Possession of beer keg lacking identification- (Class C Misdemeanor)

Prohibits possession of a beer keg without an ID tag issued by the permittee at time of purchase or providing false information.

Hartford City Municipal Code

4-3 Public Drinking- (Infraction)

Prohibits the consumption of or possession of open containers of alcoholic beverages on any public highway, public area or parking area in Hartford.