Campus Safety

Message from the Director:

The Campus Safety Department is proud to serve and be a part of the Trinity Community. We stand together with the college in denouncing racism, hate, violence perpetuated against Black, Indigenous People of Color, and police brutality. We are resolutely committed to fostering a college culture that is inclusive, respectful, and safe for everyone. 

Our mission is to be an engaged, professional, community-oriented department that ensures the safety and security of the College through problem solving and partnerships.  The department strives to be a positive and stabilizing force on campus and in our neighborhood.

Creating a safe campus for everyone requires the cooperation and support of our faculty, staff and students. We welcome the input of our community members so that we can continue to adapt and improve our service to the campus community.​ 

Emergency Numbers




Ambulance  9-911 
Campus Safety (Emergency) 860-297-2222 
Campus Safety (Routine)  860-297-3333 
Hartford Fire Department (Emergency)  9-911 
Hartford Police Department (Emergency)  9-911 
Hartford Police Department (Routine)  860-757-4000 
Trinity Health Center   860-297-2018