Campus Safety

The mission of the Campus Safety Department is to provide effectively a safe, secure environment where members of the Trinity community live, study, and work. Campus Safety, through its efforts to solve problems that impact the community’s safety, also seeks to bridge the gaps and establish harmonious relations between the campus and our neighbors.

The Campus Safety Department is committed to providing professional protection services to our college community. These services will be characterized by fairness, compassion, respect, and inclusiveness, and a commitment to protect the dignity of every person with whom we come in contact.

The Department will be known for its community service orientation and will strive to prevent crime through community involvement. Our efforts will foster a safe living, learning and working environment supportive of the College's goal to foster educational excellence.

We will strive for professionalism and integrity by maintaining high ethical and performance standards. We will encourage technological advances, training, and professional skill development to enhance our effectiveness, to generate respect and to provide the maximum safety for our staff.

Emergency Numbers




Ambulance  9-911 
Campus Safety (Emergency) 860-297-2222 
Campus Safety (Routine)  860-297-3333 
Hartford Fire Department (Emergency)  9-911 
Hartford Police Department (Emergency)  9-911 
Hartford Police Department (Routine)  860-757-4000 
Trinity Health Center   860-297-2018