At Trinity College, we bring curiosity and critical thinking to every challenge. Here in Hartford and beyond, we’re Trinity in all we do.


Brand Messaging

We deliver our messaging through focused storytelling that illustrates Trinity’s strengths in academic excellence, a distinctive student experience, and the impact we make on the world beyond.

Visual Identity

Logos and Marks

Our visual identity represents Trinity College at the highest level. These marks act as a signature, an identifier, and a stamp of quality, and they are the most consistent component of our communications.



Typography is a robust vehicle for our brand voice, and it contributes to how our messages are read and communicated.



Photography is a powerful tool for conveying the Trinity College brand. Our images reflect the experiences of students, our sense of community, and our dynamic environment.



Our primary palette consists of Trinity Blue and Trinity Gold. Our layouts lean heavily on these colors, mixing in the neutral and secondary color palettes to build color schemes that are complementary and balanced.


Graphics and Templates

Drawn from the college’s history, architectural stonework, and shapes found throughout campus, our graphic elements, icons, and templates add visual interest to any piece.

Trinity’s brand is an articulation of what defines the quintessential experience of what it means to be a Bantam. It draws upon perceptions shaped by the stories and associations in the minds of our community and the world at large. It reflects the experiences of the entire Trinity community: students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, prospective students, and partners.

When expressed well, our brand communicates distinct emotional connections through consistent language and visual design in a way that is both authentic and moves us toward our greatest aspirations.

Why is a brand important?

For Trinity College, our brand today builds on the foundation set in 1823. Today, more than ever, it is critical that we make clear our unique position and tell Trinity’s authentic story prominently.

The sum of experiences, interactions, and communications at Trinity shapes how students engage, how alumni remember their school, and how faculty and staff deliver on Trinity’s mission. It influences how the world sees the college.

Getting to the heart of our brand means distilling what makes our college unique—differentiators that connect, attract, or remind people of the core experience—and what we value.


Office of Communications and Marketing

Trinity Commons, second floor
300 Summit Street
Hartford, CT 06106
8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.