Students in the Tax Policy and Inequality Certificate program will develop an understanding of tax policy aimed at low-income Americans and how it plays out on the ground through coursework and experiential learning connected to a low-income tax clinic. The certificate is built around POLS 310, in which students learn about tax policies and the politics behind them, and receive basic training to prepare taxes at Trinity’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) clinic at Trinfo Café, an internet café adjacent to campus. In addition to POLS 310, students will need to complete a 1.0 credit internship at a VITA site in the Hartford Metro area (which can be done concurrently with POLS 310 or afterward), plus one additional credit, either in a leadership position at the clinic (as an RA, TA, or Assistant Site Coordinator), or by taking a related course approved by the certificate director.

Credit 1:
POLS 310 – Tax Policy & Inequality in Hartford (grade B or higher)

Credit 2: 
Complete 1.0 credit P/F internship as a Volunteer Income Tax Assistant (VITA) site in the Hartford Metro area

Credit 3: 
Serve as a TA for POLS 310
Work as Assistant Site Coordinator after successful completion of POLS 310 and 1.0 credit internship at VITA site
Spanish Tax Preparation – contribute to Spanish translation of site materials, and offering bilingual services to Spanish speaking clients at Trinfo or another VITA site
Serve as an RA on research being conducted at the tax clinic
Successfully complete related course such as: POLS 372 – American Welfare State, POLS 222 – Social Inequality in the United States, or an additional course student justifies in writing and is approved by the certificate director

For more information, students should visit the VITA website or contact Professor Serena Laws.