Students  should consult closely with the proposed faculty research supervisor before submitting their online application via the Student Research Application Tracker. 

How students apply:
Students first approach faculty about the possibility of working with them on a faculty directed research project.  Once a faculty member has agreed to support a student’s application, the faculty member will work with the student to help prepare the student to initiate an application via the online Student Research Application Tracker​.

On the Student Research Application Tracker, the student will be asked to provide:​

  • ​the name of their faculty research supervisor
  • the project title
  • a brief (250 word maximum) description of the research project. Project descriptions should be written in language readily understood by a general audience, as opposed to an expert in the field. Avoid jargon and technical language to the extent possible. Also required is the length of your project, which can be a maximum of 10 weeks although a length of 8-10 weeks is recommended.
  • a brief (250 word maximum) explanation of how the program will help the student achieve their academic goals (e.g., gaining technical skills, serving as a jumping off point for an independent thesis, being involved in a publication, reading the literature, interacting with the public in an official capacity, practicing language skills, etc.)
  • an explanation of how your project can be conducted remotely if necessary, or an explanation of why a project cannot be conducted remotely if that is the case.

How faculty supervisors participate: ​
Once the student submits their application, the faculty research supervisor will be asked to provide the following information on the online Student Research Application Tracker​:​

  • ​a list of the specific tasks the student researcher would perform including the length of the project, which can be a maximum of 10 weeks although a length of 8-10 weeks is recommended
  • brief description of the anticipated educational benefit to the student. Note: only those projects which the committee judges to have educational benefit will be considered.​

​​​​If you have any questions, please contact​.