Our Calendar of Religious Holidays, created with the support of Harvard Divinity School’s Office of the Chaplain and Religious and Spiritual Life, is intended to help you create your calendars and events with a mind toward the religious and cultural diversity of our community.

The Calendar of Religious Holidays is not an exhaustive list. The holidays included may impact observant students, faculty, and staff and could conflict with academic demands while school is in session. Requests from students for allowances based on sincerely held religious practices must be individually assessed by faculty and staff. It may be prudent to avoid scheduling programs, events, or deadlines on some days, as some community members could be fasting, limiting work, or observing holidays in other ways.

You will find a collection of resources below, including a Religious Allowances Form. The form’s purpose is to facilitate a conversation between students and faculty. This form does not need to be submitted to the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life.