The sociology major at Trinity College is designed to provide students with the theoretical and methodological tools to analyze the reciprocal relationship between the individual and society.


The sociology department’s learning goals can be found HERE.


Students are required to take 11 courses in sociology, including SOCL 101, 201, 202, 210, 410, or 420, and at least three courses at the 300 level. SOCL 101 is the prerequisite entry course for all upper level courses. Students are strongly encouraged to take SOCL 201, 202, and 210 before their junior year. Students who qualify and choose to write a two-credit honors thesis (see below) are exempted from taking 410 or 420, the senior seminar requirement. SOCL 201, 202, 210, and 300-level courses must be taken at Trinity College. A grade of at least a C- must be earned in each course that is to count toward the major. Senior thesis credit counts as two elective courses for the major.

Course credit transfers from other institutions—Permission to receive credit toward the major for courses taken at other higher education institutions must be approved in advance by the sociology department chair. Petitioners for transfer of credit must submit to the chair the name of the institution and course number, title, and catalog description before formal permission is granted. Upon approval, a maximum of two sociology courses shall count toward the sociology major (all required courses must be taken at Trinity with the exception of SOCL 101; these include SOCL 201, 202, 210, 410 and three 300-level courses).


Study away: A period of study away can enrich students’ knowledge of sociology by exposing them to the diversity and complexity of human interaction. Therefore, majors are strongly encouraged to incorporate into their studies international or domestic study away. While there are many general programs of study away for Trinity students, sociology majors have regularly participated in the programs listed below:

  • Australia, University of Melbourne
  • Trinity Study Away Programs (Cape Town, South Africa; Rome, Italy)
  • United Kingdom, London School of Economics
  • International Honors Program
  • Domestic Programs (Twelve-College Exchange Program, National Theater Institute, Dartmouth, Mount Holyoke, Smith, Vassar, Wellesley, Wesleyan, Wheaton, Williams, and Williams-Mystic)

For additional guidance on study-away options for sociology majors, please see the department’s study-away liaison, Professor Johnny E. Williams.

Honors: In order to be granted honors in sociology, a student must attain a college average of at least B+ and an average of at least A- in sociology courses and write a two-credit senior thesis that earns the grade of A- or better (only candidates for honors are eligible to write a thesis). Students who hope to attain honors should consult with their adviser during the spring semester of their junior year. Students who write a thesis are exempted from taking 410 or 420, the senior seminar.