Q.  How do I accommodate a student who is approved for access to a second set of notes?
A.  This can be handled in a variety of ways.  The following are some suggestions:

  1. The student is given access to your notes
  2. A fellow student makes a copy of their notes as a favor (ask for a volunteer)
  3. The TA takes notes and shares them
  4. A student is allowed to record the lecture using a recording device such as a Livescribe™ pen, their laptop, or phone.
  5. The Student Accessibility Resource Center pays a student or a TA to take notes (contact SARC for information)

Q.  What is my obligation to a student who requests an accommodation at the last minute?
A.   You are legally responsible to provide reasonable accommodations.  Students have been informed that 10 days notice is required for a professor to provide accommodations.

Q.  Can accommodations be retroactive?
A.  No, not usually.  There may be extenuating circumstances, but this would be very unusual.

Q. What if a student states they have a disability but is not able to provide proof of accommodations?
A. Refer them to the Coordinator of Student Accessibility, to submit a request and begin the process of applying.​

Q.  I suspect that one of my students may have a learning disability. Where do I refer them?
A. Refer them to the Student Accessibility Resource Center.