Trinity College maintains a number of official policies that define the standards by which we conduct ourselves and college business.

Please submit any questions about policies or proposed new policies to

1. President’s Office

1.0 Signed Policy on College Policies

1.1 Conflict of Interest Policy

2. Academic Affairs

2.1 Faculty Manual

3. Athletics

4. Campus Safety

5. College Advancement

6. Communications and Marketing

6.1 Social Media Policy

7. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

7.1 Trinity College Policy on Sexual Harassment

7.2 Trinity College Non-Discrimination Policy

8. Enrollment and Student Success

9. Finance and Administration

9.1 Purchasing Office Policies

10. Human Resources

10.1 Background Check Policy

10.2 Employee Handbook (requires login)

11. Information Services

11.1 Information Technology Security and Acceptable Use Policy

11.2 Library Borrowing Policy

12. Student Affairs

12.1 Student Handbook