March 17, 2020

Dear Trinity staff:

We are thrilled to be serving in the role of Ombuds for the College, and have had a great time getting to know each other, and training together with the faculty Ombuds on best practices and mediation.  We have spent the last few months getting to know a broad range of staff that support the College in critical roles so we can provide accurate information and direct people to appropriate resources on campus:

  • In September, we did two days of on-campus training with the Ombuds from Wellesley College: one day on the role of the Ombuds and the accepted practices for this role and a second day on mediation;
  • Laura Lockwood, of WGRAC and Rita Kelley from the Title IX Office met with us to discuss sexual harassment and misconduct and the scope of the responsibilities for reporting as well as resources available for staff;
  • Joe Bazeley, Chief Information Security Officer, taught us about information security, and helped us to think about maintaining confidentiality; and,
  • Deke Mathieu, General Counsel, to think about the legal implications of the role.

If you have a matter you would like to discuss with the Ombuds, a dedicated phone line and email account has been set up for the purpose of contacting us to arrange a meeting.  The Ombuds can work with you to meet at a time and place that is comfortable for you, avoids a conflict with work or home responsibilities, even off campus if desired.  Generally speaking,

The Ombudsperson is a Confidential Employee under Trinity’s Title IX policy. The Ombudsperson is a position that reports to the Chief of Staff, and is completely independent of Human Resources. Confidential Employees are required to report an incident disclosed or reported to them but without the name of the reporter – the person disclosing the incident – or the alleged offender, unless there is imminent danger to the Reporter or the campus. Before reporting an incident to the Title IX Coordinator or Campus Safety Director, Confidential Employees will first consult with the Reporter to ensure that the general report does not contain any personally identifying details. To make a formal report of sexual misconduct, staff should contact the Title IX Coordinator. A Trinity website page for the Ombuds has been launched that includes important information about the scope of the role and contains contact information. It can be found here:

The role of the Ombuds is broad and covers the full spectrum of events that might occur in the workplace, from uncomfortable interactions with colleagues or your boss, to concerns that you are being asked to work beyond the scope of your job or training; or concern that you have not received a personnel evaluation to concern that your skills or salary are not competitive in the marketplace.  Perhaps you want to strategize about how to get more involved on campus or just vent about a current stressful dynamic in your office without impacting relationships with your colleagues.

The College has invested significantly in the role of Ombuds, and we hope you will take advantage of our availability to work to with you.


Carrie Robinson, Director of LGBTQ+ Life
Kristin Magendantz, Director of Faculty Grants and Sponsored Research