The Staff Ombudsperson Policy ensures that staff have a neutral, independent, confidential and informal resource, who provides assistance in identifying options for addressing and/or resolving workplace, employment-related issues and/or conflicts.  The service is intended to help you exercise problem solving capabilities in order to arrive at, and implement, workable solutions on your own. The policy is attached for your review and information.

Our staff ombudspersons are:

Curtis Gamble – Access Control and Card Services Manager
Marcia Phelan Johnson – Budget Director

You may contact the Ombudspersons using a confidential e-mail, [email protected] or a confidential telephone number: 860-297-4044. In order to protect your confidentiality, we ask that you do not include any details regarding your issue or concerns in the email.

Employee Handbook Ombudsperson Policy:

Faculty Ombud

The Faculty Ombud is available to faculty members who wish to discuss, in confidence, individual grievances against, or problems pertaining to, other faculty members, staff, or the administration. Faculty members may contact Shane Ewegen directly at [email protected]. For more information on the role and scope of the Faculty Ombud, please see Section 5 of the Trinity Faculty Manual.